My favourite Youtubers who love luxury designers as much as I do

This is a follow up from last year’s  ‘5 Top Youtuber’s to Follow’  video but this time, I wanted to introduce you to my favourite Youtuber’s who focus more on Luxury Designers such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci just to name a few. So without further ado, see below for my favourite go-to luxury obsessed youtubers.


Jerusha Couture is Sydney based and a hot mumma to an adorable baby named Massi.

Jerusha shares her love for luxury goods as well as letting us into her world as a major shopaholic and being a mum. Her videos are generally really lengthy but they are really enjoyable to watch while you sit back with a nice cuppa to end your day. She is no stranger to the Youtube world, having been sharing videos for the last six years and has built over 60,000 followers ever since.

If you are researching on a luxury item to purchase, Jerusha has you back.

Watch her videos here.


Kimchella is a Melbourne based babe whom shares her experience in purchasing pre loved luxury goods. I love that Kimchella is very open with her opinion and makes pre-loved purchasing super easy (but I swear, it isn’t).

She also has a strange love for scents and is super quirky and laid back.

Check her videos here.


Lydia is a little minx all the way from the UK who also shares an obsession for anything luxurious but is honestly the most down-to-earth gal you will ever come across.

I love that she also shares a lot of fashion content as well as lifestyle.

I am obsessed with her accent too. It is to die for! Check out her channel here.


Last but not least, I recently met Caitlin in an instagram pod and is also a fellow Aussie.

Like me, she has a fond for luxury goods and has recently brought home her very own Louis Vuitton Horizon 55 luggage #jealous!

Caitlin is quirky, fun and a little bit silly which I absolutely adore. She is also pretty damn gorgeous too.

Check out her channel here.

I hope you discovered some new Youtuber to unwind after a long week at the office. Happy Saturday!

Until next time,

 All images are rightfully owned and sourced by the appropriate Youtuber.

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