“Modest” is the new black

I learned a lot from my first fashion show on Thursday, so for day two at VAMFF I felt a little more relaxed and prepared in comparison to the first day where I was trying to absorb as much as I could. I was organised and arrived early to get some great outfit shots, thanks to Steph from The Nameless Blog who might I add, did an amazing job!  I also decided to leave my phone on my lap (not ready to put it away completely) during the show and purely enjoy what I paid for, to watch the runway with my 2 eyes literally and not through the miniature lens of my phone camera.

So why did I decide to be more phone disciplined? Well, after Runway 3, I reflected on how I didn’t really capture the show for what it was because I was so focused on taking photos for my blog and Instagram. I was going through the photos I had taken at the end of the day as well as photos other avid VAMFF devotees had shared on Instagram and realised that I was paying good money to attend the VAMFF and was not personally reaping the benefits of being there in person. It appears I was too worried about being a photographer when really I should have been behaving like Sex in the City girls when they went to see Carrie rock her D&G runway!

Back to my review though – the show was absolutely incredible! Premium Runway 5, sponsored by InStyle featured designers: Misha Collection, Thurley, Camilla, By Johnny, White Suede, Zhivago and Rachel Gilbert. Although all of the designers’ new season collection were amazing, it was Zhivago who really stole the show for me. The collection featured structured shoulder pads and body-clinging dresses that bared all. I was so afraid that a model’s breast was going to fall out of her dress at any given time – it was exhilarating! Missy Elliott’s “I’m Really Hot” only heightened the powerful and sexy collection.

Thurley was another favourite of mine, featuring beautiful embellishments on a whole other level. I feel like the label has certainly lifted its game. Rachel Gilbert was another unknown label to me but definitely got my attention. I really loved the embellishments and embroidery detail.

Steph accompanied me to the last show and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. It was such a fun evening spent girl fanning over Twice Blessed, twirling around in a mirrored room, taking silly photos, bopping our heads to Bob Sinclair’s “Rock This Party”, awing over our gift bags like a child with candy and ending the night by having a late feed. It’s crazy how comfortable and open Steph and I are with each other considering we had only met once before. We ended the short weekend feeling like we’ve been friends for years.

I finally found an opportunity to wear my blue button up Asilio dress which I had purchased brand new via eBay late last year for only $100.00. I wanted an effortless but “street-worthy” look and thought I’d wear a casual printed tee by Stussy, MLM Label skirt and there was no way I’d lose an opportunity to wear my Dimity boots again… Overall, I really liked this ensemble.

Top: Stussy | Outerwear: Asilio (discontinued) | Skirt: MLM Label via Rebel Muse | Shoes: Tony Bianco | Bag: Prada (gifted) | Choker: Lovisa

*Photography by The Nameless Blog

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