First Brunch of 2018

Ok so it isn’t my first brunch of the year. Idrus and I had brunched a couple of times earlier this year but it was nothing worth sharing anyway. I was also having major morning sickness during the times that we did go out for brunch so I was in no way in the mood to be blogging about it.

It’s now June and I’m in my third trimester, seven months and a half pregnant to be precise and I can’t say I’m feeling 100% but I don’t feel anywhere near as bad as I did in the first five to six months of pregnancy.

Oh before I forget Eid Mubarak everyone. May the blessings of Allah fill your life with pleasure, opening all the doors of success now and always.

This year’s Eid celebrations is low key for us. Mum and Aba (my in-laws) are currently in Indonesia and we are not ones to visit other people without them. I also didn’t even go to Eid prayer which I was a little bummed about but because of how far into the pregnancy I am, Idrus and I both felt it was better for my sanity to just stay home this year. After Eid prayer, we decided to check out this new cafe that has recently opened up just down the road from us called Tribeca & Co.

I hope you guys haven’t forgotten how much I love hipster cafes and Tribeca & Co definitely delivered. The interior and decor consists of white’s, neutrals and all the hipster components you can think of. There is plenty of seating to go around too, with the option to sit outside under the sun or stay warm inside. The service was incredible which is really important to me, everyone seemed happy to be there and made us feel welcomed.

Unfortunately the only thing that T&C lacked was a variety of options for Idrus and I to choose from (most things had pork or it was something we do not like). However, this is from a Muslim’s perspective so I don’t penalize them for this at all. I hope their menu’s are seasonal because I would love to go back again. Nevertheless, T&C is a great spot to catch up for a coffee and a piece of cake from their fridge. I didn’t ask if they’re freshly baked, but I’d assumed they would be.

Idrus had ordered a Sauteed Mushroom dish with poaches eggs, sourdough toast, spinach and feta and I ordered a Berry Pancake with Mascarpone and Maple Syrup. Idrus’ dish looked so delicious even though I don’t even like mushrooms but that vibrant orange runny yolk seriously had my heart racing. I miss a good runny yolk, I’ve been avoiding it since being pregnant. I know what I will be having once baby girl arrives.

It was a really quick brunch, we drank our coffee, ate our breakfast and went back home. The location is convenient being right in the same centre as Coles. Great for busy mums who are doing their grocery shopping and can pop in before or after for a cup of coffee or fresh juice to keep them going.

I really need to catch you up on some of my favourite places to eat in Perth so far, so stay tuned. Idrus and I might be going to a Eid Festival just up the road this afternoon so hopefully I will be in the mood to capture some pictures to share on the blog with you.


Southern River Shopping Centre
Randford Rd & Bristle Ave
, Southern RIver
Tuesday to Sunday:
7:30am to 3:30pm

Visit Tribeca & Co’s Cafe via their website

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