Join me to start a global movement within the fashion industry

This month, Business of Fashion has embarked a #TiedTogether movement to make a statement in order to support solidarity, human unity and inclusiveness. This movement really hit a home run for me because of the negative support of humanity in the most recent events and fear around the world. Especially with the lack of humankind towards people of different race, gender, sexuality and most importantly… religion. I am by no means an advocate for politics which is why I am really intrigued by the #TiedTogether movement and its aim to promote awareness through the fashion industry.

#TiedTogether teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger at hisΒ Los Angeles show that was held last week where the white bandana was embraced by designers and creative directors as well as worn by his beautiful models on the runway. Along side, worn by the press, celebrity guests and influences that are attending the shows. #TiedTogether will also be embraced by fans and followers of fashion across the country as fashion week carries through from New York, London, Milan and last but not least… Paris. As a fellow fashion follower and aspiring fashion blogger I wanted to join the movement by also wearing a white bandana to show my support in this magnificent campaign and encourage you to join this optimistic movement.

How can you get involved and join this very important movement? It’s asΒ simple asΒ purchasing a white bandana if you don’t already have one and wear it to your heart desires. It could be around your wrist, in your hair, accessorize your bag with it or even around your neck. Upload an image of your bandana to your social media account, hashtag #TiedTogether and tag someone to show you are #TiedTogether as friends, family or even a fellow acquaintance and/or neighbour.

The other option is to donate to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) https://action.aclu.org/donate-aclu or the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency Australia for UNHCR)Β https://www.unrefugees.org.au/donate/#monthly

So what are you waiting for? Are you going to make a stand today as #TiedTogether? Tag me in your image as I would love to see it.

Read more about #TiedTogether and get involved


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