Ones trash is my treasure

This post is sponsored by Fantastic Services however all opinions are my own.

Who is Fantastic Services you might ask? Well it’s a one-stop-shop company providing cleaning and home maintenance services.. Fantastic Services make everyday life easier by doing the dirty work for us =P so we can have more “me-time”, spend quality time with our family, do those tedious errands that you’ve been holding off for months or simply to just take a break from cleaning.!

For my gifted service, I chose the Domestic Cleaning and Oven Cleaning for 3 hours and boy you don’t understand how much my oven needed some TLC!

If you would like to try out Fantastic Services services then you’re in luck. You can get $20 off your first service. All you have to do is register here and use my code graceandcoy. Once you register, your $20 will be applied to your account automatically.

Other services that you could choose from is gardening, handyman, pest control and waste removal. So there is definitely something to meet everyone’s needs.

To find out more on what Fantastic Services can offer check out their website here.

Here is their instagram and facebook profile as well if you’d like to follow them.

So you’re probably wondering what I got up to while Fantastic Services treated my home with some lovin’, I took my father-in-law (Aba) out for coffee at Tribeca followed by a sneaky thrift shop with Aleena.!

We went thrift shopping late June and Aba really enjoyed himself so I thought I would take him out again as I, myself enjoy finding someone else’s trash for a bargain. Last time I scored a really nice winter coat for Aleena for only $3.50 but unfortunately it is still waaay to big for her =(

This time I scored…………

This glass serving bowl but I bought it to use as a fruit bowl. It only cost $2. There was two of them at the shops but I decided to only get one.

The flower was not purchased from the thrift shop, it’s only there for show =P but I bought these cute little decor items at the second thrift shop we went to in Armadale. The large basket was $2.50, the little one was less than 75c. The rectangle basket was 50c and the little vase thingy-majig was $3 and the gold plate (2 sets) was only $1.

The small basket with handle will be for Aleena to play with. I thought it would be super cute for her to have a mini size basket for pretend play.



I ended up getting Aleena this teddy bear for only $1 because she was having a tantrum in store. I just have to throw it in the wash first because… gross..

Finally, I browsed through the kids clothing section hoping to find something different for Aleena and I happened to find this super cute camel coloured trousers for $2.50 and it’s HM! I mean, I didn’t even hesitate. The quality looked really good as well, no wear and tear. I’m most excited about this one as I have been wanting to get Aleena a coloured pair of pants like this for so long. Once Aleena grows out of it, baby boy can wear it too. Such a great find for a great price.

Usually I like thrifting for some branded clothes but lately I have been yearning to find some unique home decor rather than going to your regular Kmart and then having all the same things as everyone else.

Although sometimes I can’t help myself and buy them anyway because I love them also.

A lot of my inspiration for decor comes from Loeppkyslife. I like her home decoration and aesthetic and it’s something that I’ve been super into as of late. I’m already looking forward to my next thrift shop trip.

After a long morning of thrifting, it was a breath of fresh air to come home to a completely clean home. I almost didn’t even recognise it =P and the oven?! O M Gosh! Practically brand new! It was also a perfect time to have the cleaning service because I was hosting a baby shower at my house that same weekend. It saved me a lot of time so I could focus on setting everything up i.e. decorations and foods etc while also trying to take it easy as I’m currently almost seven months pregnant.

If you want to see what Aba and I got up to, I vlogged about it over on my Youtube Channel.

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