The blazer that will take you from office to dinner

This beautiful jacket is part of Twiice Boutique’s first collection but I never really found an interest in it because I couldn’t see myself wearing it.

It’s currently on sale (and sold out, sorry) and has been for a while. When I was ordering a couple of other items from their website they were also having a really great deal during Black Friday sale. Buy one and get the 2nd item half price! So I found myself short to meet the free shipping requirements and decided to get this jacket because it was one of the few that I liked and had in my size.

And boy oh boy, do I not have a single regret in grabbing my size when I had the chance because I actually am so in love with it.

It’s funny, because it totally didn’t even click to me that this is called the “Lana Summer Suit Jacket”. I just saw the word “jacket” and instantly assumed that it’ll be way to hot during summer time. But it was actually designed to wear in the warmer months. Duh!

The fabric is so soft and luxurious. Exactly as stated in the description and I can definitely see myself wearing this quite a lot, now. I could wear it as a top if I wanted to or wear it as a jacket too. If I ever go back to work and in an office environment, I could wear this but I could also wear this on a casual day out to revamp a basic outfit. Exactly how I did here!

This blazer also comes with a matching pant which I thought I had no interest in as well but after wearing this bad boy, I kind of want to get the pants now, too. They currently have my size still and it’s only $40.00. Stay tuned to find out if I end up getting it.


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