The One with the Lack of Motivation

I came across this blog the other week and the most recent post was called “My Own Motivation”

The blogger is called Fake Leather and was founded by Adriana Gastélum who was born in Mexico and now resides in Barcelona, Spain.

01-nike-barcelona-fitness-nikepro-blogger-mexicanaThe reason this particular post resonated with me is because it is probably the first ever blog I came across that was so pure and genuine that I just had to share with ya’ll.

“Because if I had the opportunity to choose a superpower, that would be to tone my thighs while staying at my favorite place in the whole world: my sofa. I’m not.” – Quote Adriana

Adriana than continues with…

“However, I always try to find new motivations to get up early at 7am, hit the gym and try new work outs. It ain’t easy, but the key is to find something that you like and do it because you want to, not because you have to.”

Now, believe me when I tell you it’s easier said then done but this month (yes, during Ramadan) I will attempt (so far, I haven’t done anything, oops) to do a 20 to 30 minute exercise routine from my savvy Kayla Itsines Program that I purchased some time ago. I might as well attempt to be productive in the early hours of the morning while I wake up for Suhoor and Fajr (dawn prayer). If you know me than you will know that I am not a morning person. My mum would spend at least 30 minutes trying to get me out of bed to get ready for school. Now that I live with Idrus, he has been assigned to be my alarm clock… I am terrible! Lets be honest, staying in bed (especially during winter) is so much better than getting up to exercise!


This will not be my first time doing a fitness routine from the Kayla Itsines program… I did do this at least a year ago and found that I had fantastic results within a month and this consisted of only 15 minutess of a fitness routine three times a day. I didn’t do anything else for the other four days even though the program advises to go for a walk or run.

I went by Kayla’s meal plan as well and ate 6 times a day as instructed but don’t you worry, this consisted with plenty of cheat meals during the week. Yet, I had amazing results within just one month… It may not be for everyone but Kayla Itsine’s fitness program was the first fitness program that I not only enjoyed but understood it clearly and saw progress given that I didn’t do everything to the “T”.


Adriana is right when she said to find something that you enjoy… I also learned that you should always change it up otherwise your muscles could get use to the workout and you won’t see any results. However, I’m not an expert here – I am just sharing what I have learned over the years via word of mouth or what the internet tells me hehe. Although she recommends going for walks, I personally find that super boring unless I do it with a friend. However, up-beat music makes it bearable too. My chosen music for exercising is mostly Latino music.

I don’t have a killer workout set and that’s because I can’t justify spending money on workout clothes when I could buy regular clothes instead. Sorry… But I went scouting online to look for affordable yet stylish workout sets for you if you like that kind of thing. (This ones for you Kara)


I think the most attractive thing for me when it comes to fitness is have a kick ass pair of sneakers/trainers because I can wear this on a regular day for brunch or even shopping. See below for my favourites.. (is it obvious that I love my monochrome?)


While I can’t justify spending money on fitness clothes I also cannot justify paying for a gym membership! If I had a dollar everytime someone asks me to join a gym with them. Thanks, but no thanks! I would very much enjoy going to a Zumba class and even then I don’t want to spend money on that. Luckily I had bought a Zumba pack some time ago, maybe I should attempt to do it again. On another note, you can buy some weights from Kmart or Big W and you can easily use a chair or bench at a park for step ups.


At the end of the day, do what you think works for you and what you enjoy… If running is your thing, than do that. If going to the gym is your thing than by all means, do that and if sitting at home being a couch potato is your thing than do that too but you won’t get results by doing that haha. Everything happens in moderation, you can’t expect things to happen at a click of the finger. I know it’s frustrating, I’m just as impatient as you.

I feel like this post is all over the place and I apologize for that but I was really inspired to share something personal to show that I’m not perfect. No one is, this is the whole point! Whenever I tell people I want to exercise they look at me and tell me I don’t need to because I’m already skinny but they don’t know how I feel about my body. — Yeah I’m skinny, but that’s just it… I’m skin and bone. I want to be toned and feel healthy, it’s not about being skinny. It’s about feeling good and confident in your own skin no matter the number on the tag of your pants.


The one thing that will stay with me for as long as I can remember is “Do it because you want to, not because you have to” – If you’re anything like me, I hate doing things if I feel like I have too but lets try and train our way of thought and tell ourselves because we want too. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

What are your favourite workouts? I’d love to give them a try if I haven’t already. If it’s cardio, than no thanks 😛

See you next time

Polyvore created via Grace & Coy

Photos sourced via Pinterest, Kayla Itsines Instagram & Fake Leather


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