A recap on last week’s Fashion Career’s Seminar

This time, last week I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic seminar where we learned about all things Fashion Career’s, Blogging and Business in the ever so changing fashion world! The seminar was hosted by the gorgeous Kimberley Sara from The Style Side and my talented and stylish chickadee Jem from A Stylish Moment.

Sarah from Live Only As You Can and myself were super lucky and won free tickets to attend this event so prior to the event we decided to catch up at Essen Cafe in Garema Place for a sneaky coffee. Riya from Looking Through Her Closest nabbed herself a ticket for the event and so I invited her to join us as well.

After we enjoyed each others company with plenty of fashion and wedding discussions we decided to make our way to the event which was only a five minute walk away.

I will do my best to touch base on what I learned at the seminar but honestly, this is something that you had to be there to get the full information. It was very informative and I know I took a lot of tips and advise back home with me at the end of the day. Including a gift bag with sweet and motivational quotes, chocolate plus a cute notebook.

It was only a small group but to be honest, small groups are always the best because you are able to really network with the other creative individuals and/or bloggers and truly get to know each other on a personal level.

Kimberley started off by giving us a run down on what brought her here today which was very interesting to see how The Style Side came to life. She then went on to discuss what the seminar will entail and then we went from there.

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Vision was the first topic that Kimberley touched on. She did a really great exercise on us as a group where we had to close our eyes and envision where we wanted to be as she talked through several steps such as: When we wake up from our bed, what is the first thing we see, when we get out of bed and walk to our wardrobe, what do we see. Who are we eating breakfast with, we are driving to work and when we arrive… what do we see? and so forth. It was a huge eye opener and one that I will do often when I need a little momentum and a reminder for myself on where I see myself in the future.

Motivation was the next topic that Kimberley discussed. This topic took me back to my recent blog post where I discussed how to avoid the writer’s block. Many things she mentioned was to have a great mentor, quotes, vision board, friends and family, reward yourself and art. These things are great to keep you motivated, especially having friends and family who support you and having a mentor to get you out of that rut you may find yourself in. Kimberley also mentioned exercising is a great motivational starter but I didn’t write this down in my notes because I actually find exercising hard work, haha!

Kimberley went on to discuss how to approach brands by being real, sell yourself and be pushy! Followed by Personal Branding where she shared her “5 C’s”: Clarity, Cohesion, Consistency, Colour Palette and Creative Direction.

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Networking was another topic that was discussed in the seminar which I learned a lot from Jem’s post back in June about networking. However, I think what I took home with me was “Be interested, Not interesting” which is a great tip to remember at your next networking event.

Kimberley touched on the difference between being a “Game Changer” and “Replicator”. The perfect example of a influencer who is a “Game Changer” is someone like Man Repeller. If you know who Man Repeller is then you will see why she is considered a “Game Changer” – She is always a step a head and a trendsetter, where as you think Harper & Harley who is considered a “Replicator”. Harper & Harley does something similar but better, she’s consistent and purposeful.  Being a “Replicator” is no way by any means a copycat as she does things in her own way and always ten times better. Not everyone can be a “Game Changer”, I wish I was but I feel I fit more in the “Replicator” category which there is nothing wrong with it so as long as you bring your own twist to things.

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Finally, Kimberley discussed Business which I was looking forward to as you may or may not know I do wish to start my own business in the future. This was a huge eye opener and one that made me super excited yet nervous to begin this journey but the time will come.

Before Kimberley discussed all things business it was Jem’s turn to discuss all things Blogging. Jemma is a great blogger and she is also great at touching base on how to be a successful blogger. Luckily, Jem touches on this topic regularly on her blog at A Stylish Moment so please do check out her blog to learn more about this topic!

I am so glad that I won tickets to this seminar as I probably wouldn’t have attended (because I’m broke and still paying off my Louis Vuitton purchase). I hope in some way you were able to take a few tips and advise from this quick and simple run down from the seminar. As I said before, it’s something that was worth attending to yourself as it’s too difficult to remember every detail and to share it with you. I hoped you enjoyed this content nevertheless and I will see you on Monday with another blog post where I recap on what I did while Stephanie was in town. Stay tuned.



Check out The Style Side and A Stylish Moment for their personal recap from the seminar.

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