Fiona Keary shares her tips on having the best Capsule Wardrobe


Civic Centre was holding a Styling Masterclass during the long weekend in Canberra which is part of the Eden launch. Again, I was kindly invited to attend the class where I got to learn tips and tricks by stylist Fiona Keary from Style Liberation. Fiona let us in on her secrets to having a successful capsule wardrobe by including main essentials that are not only seasonal but you can mix and match them together.

I first heard about a “Capsule Wardrobe” by Texas blogger Caroline from Unfancy so I came into this styling class already knowing what to expect having read all about it on Unfancy. Don’t worry, I still enjoyed the styling class and came out learning a few new things and spotting pieces that I want to purchase for myself.

If you don’t know what a “Capsule Wardrobe” is, it is a term for oneself to have a wardrobe of let’s say… 37 pieces which includes tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, shoes and all that jazz and  you just use your creativity to work around the 37 pieces only for like, ever!


Anyway, so the styling class… The interior of the area was basically the same as the last time I attended the candle making class with Laura but with ghost chairs instead of the wooden tables. Oh and we got a gift bag again, gotta love those gift bags and the gold facade was still standing so this time I ensured I got a photo to show you because you can’t get over how stunning it is.

Fiona shared 5 rules to have a successful capsule wardrobe which I will be sharing with you  below. She also had two models wearing basic pieces which she talked about followed by showing us different ways to dress the pieces the models were wearing by featuring a selection of items that Fiona had collated from a couple of her favourite stores in Civic such as Saba, Seed and David Jones from memory.


Now without further ado, the 5 rules that Fiona swears by are as follows:


This is something I like to always take into account when purchasing a new clothing piece. What do you spend most of your time doing? What I spend most of my time doing is work, work, work, work, work (did you sing this like Rihanna? :P) I work eight hours a day from Monday to Friday and then weekends are spent doing errands, going out for brunch, window shopping and/or lounging around at home doing house chores. I personally rather spend less on work clothes and spend more on clothes to wear on the weekend as that is when I generally make an effort haha. I think I’ve mentioned this before but I prefer to keep my work clothes and weekend clothes separate so if I were to purchase a nice button up shirt for work, you could definitely wear this on the weekend with a pair of jeans but I personally wouldn’t. I would purchase another white button purely for the weekend but that’s just me.

I know my logic completely disregards the number one rule but that’s my personal preference.


Choosing two base colours make it super easy to be able to live with a capsule wardrobe. You should have two neutral colours that not only flatter you but also work together. This is super easy for me as I love neutral colours and always resort to purchasing items based on these colours. Think, black, grey, brown, navy, camel, beige, ivory and whites. These colours will be your saviour for when you mix and match. My wardrobe has been taken over with mostly blacks, whites and greys and less colours as it’s a personal preference for myself.



Now that you have your base colours it’s time to add your foundation pieces. This is when you can add pieces that you love and reflect your personality and individual self. These foundation pieces can be pants, skirts, jeans and jackets. Some people may not like skirts but then some may prefer it more then others. I love my jeans and outerwear but I don’t often purchase skirts – it’s not that I don’t like them but that is when “my lifestyle” come in, I don’t have anywhere to wear them unless I pair it with sneakers for a more casual look.


Ok, so you have your base colours and foundation pieces… now what? This is when you can add some colours to compliment your foundation pieces. Pieces that are versatile and trans-seasonal. Tran-seasonal pieces are pieces that can carry you out from season to season. Jem from A Stylist Moment actually touch based on this topic a couple of weeks ago here if you want to learn more about it.



Last but not least, a girls best friend (well for some, of course)… Accessories! Accessories are a great way to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe and you can update your collection every season to keep your wardrobe up to date and in trend. Accessories that are in trend at the moment are chokers, lariat and dainty jewellery so if you want to build your accessory collection I recommend starting of with these trends. Accessories have a funny way of changing a whole outfit so it’s a good idea to have some options if you want to change how you style an outfit so it doesn’t look like you “outfit repeated”.

I haven’t been buying clothes often so I think I’ve unconsciously have already considered these rules into my shopping habits, I would like to try and restrict myself with a certain amount of pieces like Caroline from Unfancy but that is just impossible for me.

I hope you enjoyed this post and was able to take something with you for when you shop for your wardrobe next time. Until next time!


What do you think of the “Capsule Wardrobe”? What rule do you swear by when shopping?

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