Always feeling good in Lyra Swimwear

So, if you’ve been around then you would be aware that I’ve worked with Lyra Swimwear a couple of times now (here and here). Late last year they contacted me again, wanting to collaborate which of course I said yes! I truly do love their products and I constantly get asked about them ALL. OF. THE. TIME!!! –

It was perfect timing because my nephew Jihad was in Perth at the time as well and I knew I wanted him to be the one to take my photos. He took photos of my first two Lyra collaborations as well and if you go back and see the very first shoot and compare them to these shots, you’ll see how much he has progressed in the past two years.

This time I chose the Sophia Mink, so it is the same style as the first two bathers I chose previously. Funnily enough, I actually mentioned in my recent collaboration with Lyra that I liked the Sophie Mink one and here I am….. wearing the Sophia Mink burkini.

Dream’s really do come true =P

Another funny story is that I was pregnant when I first collaborated with Lyra. I think I was 12 or 14 weeks pregnant and for this collaboration I was (still am as I type this up) pregnant too but only a few weeks along.

Ok enough of those silly facts. I mean, there isn’t anything knew to say regarding how I feel about Lyra Swimwear. I’ve seen other stylish burkini companies pop up on the market in the last year but honestly, my loyalty is still with Lyra. I just don’t think anyone can beat the style and aesthetic appeal AND quality like Lyra bring to the market.

If there was one thing I’d change though which is only minor btw. Is if the burkini top had padding inside. I think it would be so much more flattering for those who are bigger chested or have had kids and need that bit of ‘lift’ if you know what I’m sayin’ =P

What I do to help with support is just wear a sports bra underneath

These photo’s were taken at Coogee Beach which is a super nice family, friendly beach on the South side of Perth. We recently had only came across this beach around the time we did this shoot so it came at a perfect time. My aesthetic has obviously changed a lot since 2017 so this really fit the bill.

If you have any questions regarding Lyra, please fill free to contact me via Instagram Direct Message or the comment box down below.

I am wearing a size 8 in the full set – This is one of the main questions I get asked regularly so thought I’d mentioned it here.

Check out this short video I did with Jihad as well. You can also check out the old one we did back in 2017. Enjoy

This post is sponsored by Lyra Swimwear. However, all opinions are my own

Photography via Jihad K

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