Hidden gem’s are always the finest


Some Café is another little hideaway which is a 30 minute drive out of Canberra and it was a cafe that was highly recommended to me by Bec from Inexplicable Wanderlust! That girl sure knows where to find them hidden gems!

I mentioned previously that I wanted to visit Some Café before driving to Batemans Bay so I made sure Idrus and I headed out to Collector the following week, and that we did.

Not that I admitted it to Idrus but I mostly fell in love with Some Café after reading it on Inexplicable Wanderlust purely because of the interior and the fact that the coffee was good was just a bonus. I knew they wouldn’t have a large menu so I guess you could call me selfish on my part but I knew Idrus wouldn’t have wanted to go if that was the case. In my defence, I guess I didn’t really think about it thoroughly. I just knew I really wanted to visit this cute little café.

The drive wasn’t that long; if you’ve been to Darwin then it’s kind of like driving from Palmerston to Casuarina and I guess it’s kind of like driving from Gungahlin to Woden? I honestly don’t know. North of Canberra seems like a lifetime away from South of Canberra if I must admit.

Enough of the small talk, without further ado let’s talk about Some Café.


As suspected, the interior inside of Some Café is absolutely gorgeous and minimalist. With its white walls decorated with a white bench and wooden bench top to finish, it gives off that relaxed and laid back atmosphere. Against the walls, was filled with shelves from top to bottom and on the shelves had everything you would have in your home like books, plants and small glass and pottery here and there. Along the wooden bench top is displayed with a selection of mouth watering bakery goods with most of it being sweets.

As you enter the café you would think that there weren’t many seating arrangements but before you walk out from a full house make sure you check in the back room which you enter between the benches as you will surely find a seat in there.


Obviously, a cappuccino was definitely on the cards. I got myself a cappuccino in a mug; I find a cup is never enough although a mug is too much… I can’t win. Unfortunately, being a Muslimah there weren’t that many options on the menu to eat. Idrus and myself resorted to ordering the Veggie Dingo which was a burger filled with egg (runny, might I add. Just the way I like it), hash brown, homemade tomato sauce. If I’m going to be honest, I would have loved it if only the tomato sauce was a regular ketchup sauce you get from the shops. I found that the sauce was too sweet for my liking and as you continue to eat it, the sweetness builds up.

The service was exceptional, and even our fellow diners were lovely too. I was super clucky at this gorgeous little blonde girl on the table next to us. Collector being a small town, it was obvious that everybody new every one and when they didn’t know each other I’m sure they walked out of the café with a new friend.

img_5007 img_5009 If you are heading up North on your next road trip then I highly recommend making a pit stop through Collector and getting yourself a sneaky coffee and perhaps something sweet for on the road. I would definitely go back for the coffee and since moving to Canberra I have become a huge coffee snob so that’s saying something 😉

Until next time,



5/7 Murray St, Collector, NSW
Monday to Wednesday: Closed
Thursday to Sunday: 9am to 4pm

 Disclaimer: All photo’s taken via my Iphone… I forgot to bring my camera D=

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