The only way to spend your Saturday morning


Only last week did I hear about Teddy Picker’s cafe and I knew instantly that I wanted to have brunch there over the weekend. I also had a feeling that it was a place that Idrus would also enjoy and new they had options for us to enjoy that didn’t involve mostly swine like most places do! I also liked the fact that we could alter our meal to our liking which is always a bonus.

Teddy Picker’s recently opened in early October but they have already become very popular to my fellow Canberran’s which is understandably accepting as it’s fit out is a true vision with a space almost like you’re across the country in New York or even an hour and half flight away in Melbourne. With the spacious, minimalist and clean layout complimented by the soaring ceiling will have you gasping in awe. Through out the cafe is a gorgeous hue of greys, blues and black interior and a huge floating bookcase which serves both a featured wall and divider to separate the take away section and in-dining area along the floor to ceiling window. Along the concreted wall is installed with a line of “vintage looking light bulbs” and edgy “chandelier” like base with pots of vibrant green plants that gives the room more life along with those same “vintage looking light bulbs” that hang from it. It’s not like your regular chandelier, let me tell you that.

With the gorgeous interior that is hard to fault, Idrus and I couldn’t help but nod our heads to the music in the background. You will surely hear a variety of music for all types of jammers like hip-hop, RnB and alternative. A place with a great playlist makes for a even greater dining experience.

The location where you can find Teddy Picker’s is alright, we did have trouble parking and not to mention that there is a lot of construction going on in the area but I think it’s still a pretty good spot, nevertheless.


As we entered into Teddy Picker’s we were immediately greeted by the barista who made us feel welcomed and assured us that someone will be with us shortly and that they did. There was a 10 minute wait which is very impressive for a not only a month old cafe and the fact that they did have a full house. I completely forgot that Teddy Picker’s also had a great “loft-style” lounge area which is lead up to a second level via a staircase. As I walked up the staircase, I couldn’t help but notice some strange, vintage, witty and random portraits along the walls. Once we reached to the lounge area, Idrus and I couldn’t help but admire the collection of vintage vinyl’s and a variety of different type of books.

It wasn’t long before our name was called out and were lead to our table which unfortunately was not by the window but that’s ok given that the window was big enough that it allowed plenty of light for great “food envy” photos.

We were immediately attended to with the menu and were offered a drink – Of course, Idrus and I ordered a large cappuccino! It didn’t take long for our coffee to be served and I was excited to find that there are still barister’s in Canberra that aren’t lazy to be creative and design pretty patters in our drink.


Fortunately, we didn’t take long to decide what we wanted so we waited for the bubbly and friendly staff to take our order. Once we ordered, the prepping of the food was very prompt and although I took photo’s of the food before we touched it We couldn’t wait to dig in as not only were we starving but the food looked pretty incredible.

Idrus opted for the special which was highly recommended and I had the Breaky Roll which screamed ooze and juicy. The presentation of our dish was simple yet thought was put into it and boy was there a lot of flavours in it.


My Breaky Roll ($15) featured a juicy crumbed brisket, red eye mayo, pickled jalapenos, shallots and fried egg. We all know I love my fried egg runny so when you cut through it, the yolk just oozes out. The bun may not seem that important to some but to me it does as I hate hard and/or crunchy buns so I was pleased to bite into a fluffy and soft bun. I would have liked a little more of the red eye mayo so I think I will ask for extra or ask to have it on the side so I can add more to my liking. You know I love my sauce.


Idrus thoroughly enjoyed his dish which was the Prawn and Crab Roll ($22) – The roll was filled with lobster mayo, green mango and paw paw. Vietnamese mint and chilli jam. I had a bite and was shocked to find that the fillings were cold but I was hit with an explosion of flavour! One of the staff even gave us the thumbs up as to say “good choice” – It was interesting to learn that the staff had the chance to taste the Prawn and Crab Roll so they are able to recommend it to their customers in a genuine way.  I was also advised that they source their seafood from someone based in Sydney. They have to pay a little more to have their produce sent to Canberra but with the quality, it’s certainly worth every penny and I couldn’t agree more.


We also ordered one of Teddy Picker’s fresh juice which was the orange, pineapple, passionfruit and lime aka Yellow Juice. It was delicious but I struggled to drink more of it as I think I am allergic to fresh pineapple. The coffee was great though, probably even better then the coffee at Lonsdale Street Roasters which is one of mine and Idrus’ favourite cafes for coffee in Canberra.

Overall, the experience was absolutely exceptional and the staff were equally as friendly and welcoming as can be. The only thing I need to point out which does not fault the cafe at all but it did take a little while for the waitress to come take our order. That is all! Other then that, there was no fault at all and Idrus and I cannot wait to come back again. It’s a little further out from where we live but it’s worth the drive, 100%.



Don’t be shy to bring your fur friend along, there is a cute little dog bar outside for your pet’s to comfortably enjoy while you mingle with your friends and/or family.

Check out what I wore to brunch in my previous post.



65 Constitution Avenue, Campbell
7am to 3:30pm
8am to 3pm

Visit Teddy Picker’s via their website and facebook page.

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