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Ever since reverting to Islam, I struggled to find a way to be covered, stylish and comfortable to go swimming in. If you google “burkini” you will be quick to find endless amounts of very unflattering swimwear that meet the needs of a Muslim women.

Fast forward four years later, I discovered Lyra Swimwear and my search was finally over.

Lyra incorporates coverage, style and practicality for the active Muslim women or simply for someone who enjoys spending the day out in the sun by the waters. Lyra fills the gap in the market that I thought was once impossible to find.

“The LYRA brand has all the elegance of classic Hollywood, Moroccan beach cool and minimalist design.” – Lyra Swimwear

The range features a light weight, fast dry and premium quality Italian Carvico fabric with high UV protection. You can purchase a full set or separates which I think is great for mix and matching. The swimsuit includes a turban style head piece, leggings, skirt and a long sleeve body suit.

The swimsuit I’m wearing is the Sofia – Sailor full set. I love stripes and navy so of course I chose this one. I really love that the swimsuit allows versatility where you can mix and match with another swimsuit from the Lyra range. I also think it’s great for Non-Muslims who are self-conscious or are just more conservative and wish to wear a long sleeve bodysuit. I think it would look chic to pair it with the skirt as well for something a little different. You can either take it off once you’re at your location or keep it on.

The swimsuit certainly was light weight which is something we need during Australian summer with the scorching sun and although I didn’t completely go into the water, I did notice how quickly the leggings dried.

As Lyra is based overseas, I new my Australian followers would love Lyra so I just had to tell you about them. The price range is very inexpensive too. I’d say, no more than $120.00AUD and for such great quality I just don’t see how you can go wrong.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. I cannot wait until the cool weather kicks in.

This post is sponsored by Lyra Swimwear. However, all opinions are my own

Photography via Jihad K

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