How to dress modestly for Summer

I have had the pleasure of teaming up with ShopStyle and Boohoo to showcase five outfits that will get me through the humidity while I’ am spending the Christmas holiday back home in Darwin. I had the opportunity to splurge on  $100.00 on items that I wanted via Boohoo and so what better way to purchase some new summer goodies for the trip?

I have handpicked five different garments, all of which are inspired by my favourite Muslim bloggers as well as a few popular trends for this season. Yes, you guessed it! I have styled these summer pieces that are modest yet breathable.

Here goes, we’re all going on a summer holiday… These are my five summer holiday looks.

ASCIA_AKF inspired

When I spotted this gorgeous Alice Spot Woven Kimono (hey, that’s a pun) I knew I had to have it. Although, this is inspired by the ever so talented and stunning Kuwait Fashion Blogger, Ascia – I have always been in love with anything that is long line so off it went straight into my shopping cart. This will be a great addition to revamp any look.


Nope, it’s still a trend and it’s here to stay! I have always loved off-the-shoulders but ever since becoming a Muslim I never bothered to purchase one. That is until I got off my high horse and decided to finally get one and wear a top underneath to give me more coverage. This is the Anna Off The Shoulder Cotton Sun Dress but I prefer to wear it like a top, instead. You can easily dress this up with your favourite pair of heels, or dress it down with your favourite white kicks.

I’M A 90’s BABY

YES! I have been dying to buy an outfit like this for so long and so I didn’t miss a beat and made this baby mine. I love the 90’s fashion and until this date, I still envy the fashion on the Friends TV Series. Rachel in particular! What better way to style this Vita Short Sleeved Cami Shirt than to wear it with a classic pair of chuck taylors? I opt to wear my red chucks for a pop of colour. The best part is, the material is super soft yet thin for the humidity!


I searched high and low for a top or dress that was similar to what Dina wore a couple of years ago and alas, I finally found one. I thought this Jodie Frill Button Shift dress was perfect because blush pink is so “in” right now and I actually really loved how it suited my skin tone. I was a little concerned that the dress will be too bulking on my small figure but I actually don’t mind it as it gives me plenty of coverage. I felt super girly in this dress, I don’t know if it’s because of the colour or the frill silhouette but I felt cute AF!


When Dina worn a very similar dress as this one, I fell instantly in love. So, when I casually spotted this Ana Embroidered Denim Shirt on Boohoo I didn’t think twice before adding it to my cart. The material is super thin, making it perfect to wear in Darwin and the embroidery is bold yet simple. I also loved how it sat on me and that it also provided plenty of coverage too.

When you are shopping for summer, try to purchase items that have thin material but also use your discretion if it’s too thin. However, if it feels too thin but it doesn’t look tacky then no one is going to know – will they? I love every single one of the five pieces that I had the opportunity to purchase and feel as though they are perfect to wear for summer, especially in the humidity. The only piece that may be a little to hot for comfort is the Jodie Frill Button Shift Dress, but it’s super cute to even care.

If you want to know in more depth what material is highly recommended for summer and/or humidity then check this post out. On the mean time, you can shop the look in the widget at the bottom of this post. Oh, and please follow me on Bloglovin.

What do you look for when shopping for clothes during Summer?


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