Styling Masterclass with Talisa Sutton

The styling masterclass of the year

Friday afternoon I received a text message from my gal pal Jemma from A Stylish Moment congratulating me for winning two tickets to attend the morning Styling Masterclass the following day. I was so excited yet so confused as I had a total blank but rest assured I still went and invite my lovely girlfriend Sarah from Live Only As You Can.


The Styling Masterclass featured the gorgeous Talisa Sutton from Badlands and hosted by the lovely Sarah Kelly from My Fashion Empire. Sarah never ceases to amaze me, always so professional yet so entertaining and lovely.

The Styling Masterclass consisted of the usual Q&A with Talisa where she talked about all things fashion of course but it also included some practical and useful tips when it comes to interior and traveling which is something that we are all too familiar with ourselves.

Talisa also shared her top favourite statement pieces which are the basics such as white tee, good pair of jeans and a leather jacket. She goes on to say that she also invests in some trendy gold pieces as they can elevate any look.

After a few more questions here and there we finally got to individually have a one on one with Talisa herself and get a typical selfie too.

I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to go and introduce myself, you know how I am – I am not the greatest at meeting new people although I do quite enjoy it. I took the plunge and went up to her and had a pretty good chat, I asked her some questions about her studying and how did she cope doing long distance with her now husband and she gave me some advise regarding the long distance scenario and that I will eventually overcome the shyness issue as she had the same problem when she was younger.

At only the age of 26, Talisa has achieved so many great things over the years. Straight after graduating High School (in Canberra, might I add) she went straight to FBI Fashion College and studied there while interning at the same time. Her internship lead to a paid job and she went on to work at Elle Magazine as well as being the Art Director for Vogue Australia. WOW! And with a background in Editorial Designs and Fine Arts that is still only the half of it.

I’d like to thank A Stylish Moment for the free tickets to the Styling Masterclass and Sarah for accompanying me too.

I hope everyone had a lovely Saturday even though it was super wet, I don’t think it’s going to stop raining any time soon but enjoy the rest of your weekend nevertheless OR I hope you had a fab weekend nevertheless. Not sure which one it is yet haha

Until next time


Sarah & were featured on The Canberra Times here


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