The Commons Street Feast in Canberra

It’s no secret that I am a huge foodie, a nicer way to say that I am a ‘fat shit’ as Deni would like to say =P. I heard about The Commons Street Feast a couple of months ago and obviously it was a no brainer that I really wanted to check out all the delicious goodness that I could devour in.

The Commons Street Feast is a ten day food truck festival held at the Commonwealth Park. It’s free entry and it’s  the first festival I have ever attended that didn’t accept cash! All the food trucks only accepted card! Interesting.

Not only was there food but there were some bars for those who enjoy an alcoholic beverage or 2. They even had some great activities for the kids to enjoy such as table tennis, bean bag shoots as well as face painting. It was absolutely incredible and the set up was super hip! I was in hipster heaven.

Idrus and I went on Saturday which was the second last day for lunch and we couldn’t believe how cool it was. The weather was a little dreary on our way to the Commonwealth Park but once we arrived the sun was shining.

Before we decided on what to eat, we first did a lap around the festival and had a look at what each food truck had to offer. We started off with the Trifector from Bao Stop. We were familiar with Bao Stop as it wasn’t the first time that they were in town. Last time, we had the Pecking Duck Fries from Bao Stop which was at the Canberra Night Noodles Markets earlier in the year and it was heaven. The Trifector comes with three buns, one filled with pork, the other with chicken and the third with duck. Last time they wouldn’t let us swap the pork with a different meat but this time they did. The duck was nice but the chicken was our favourite, hands down!

We went back to a truck called Meet which specializes in Brazilian meats cooked in natural wood and charcoal. We ordered the BBQ Beef Ribs which came with chips and salad on the side. We were pleasantly surprised (ha, no we were absolutely shocked) to see how big the beef ribs were. I certainly would not have been able to eat it on my own. We were worried it was going to be a mission to eat but our fork cut through the meat as if it were fairy floss. It was absolutely tender and mouth watering, so it should since it cost $20.00.

Idrus and I were pretty full after the ribs (I could have had some more though, let’s be honest) so we were ready to go home but not after until I had some icecream from Messina! I was so excited to learn that they were in town as I had icecream from Messina in Melbourne last year. The concept was really cool, the icecream was already prepped in really cool soup tins and all had unique names for it. I bought the American Chow Down but I can’t for the life of me remember exactly what it had inside. All I remember is seeing the words, peanut butter, cream cheese and cookies and cream flavours.

We sat down on the seats provided while I enjoyed my icecream until the clouds started to get dark and gloomy. We then swore we felt rain drops fall on us from the sky. At this point we rushed to our car, even by then the rain drops started to get a little more frequent. Alas, we made it to our car.

A Saturday well spent, how was your Saturday?

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