Coffee date’s are the best date’s

   On a cool yet dreary rainy day, I made my way to South Yarra to meet up with my girlfriend Primae from Darwin. Primae was only in Melbourne for the weekend to see some of her long time friends, but she made time to catch up with me before she jetted back to D-Town.

We decided to have brunch at a cafe in South Yarra called SOS Café.

The interior at SOS Cafe was bright and eye popping…… just beautiful which is the least I can say for the weather. Luckily, we were seated inside on a large round table and even better to have the table all to our self.

The service at SOS Cafe was amazing and the waitresses were very well presented. I speak for myself and Primae when I say that the atmosphere was fantastic. We spent at least two hours at the cafe, chatting away and sipping on some very delicious coffee. Two hours seems long, but in reality it’s like 10 minutes in catch up ‘chicky’ time.

It’s not news that I love my coffee so it was definitely a huge plus that the coffee was heart-warming. It was even decorated with a beautiful tulip froth. Yum! It’s been far too long since going out to a local cafe and enjoying a well made coffee so I was super excited. I didn’t treat myself to a meal though as I wasn’t very hungry but Primae did order herself the Avo Smash with a coffee to finish. Primae rated it 5 star.

Although SOS Cafe is a long train ride away, I’d certainly make the trip again and this time order some food.



5/177 Toorak Road, South Yarra
7am to 3:30pm
7am to 3pm
Sunday: 8am to 2pm

Visit SOS Cafe via their facebook page.




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