C Seafood and Oyster Bar Review


On Wednesday, Idrus and I spontaneously decided to have dinner at C Seafood and Oyster bar. The decision came about because I saw a photo on instagram of a delicious seafood platter. So Idrus and I sussed out their menu and spotted the “Singapore Chilli Crab” where we were immediately hooked and wanted to go. I booked us a table and we were there within 40mins!

As a fellow Darwinian chick, I love my seafood (there are some things I refuse to eat though haha) and since living in Canberra for the past 2-3 years – I’ve found that it’s really hard to find affordable and good quality seafood in Canberra. Not only that, but there aren’t many seafood restaurants such as The Warf, Seafood on Cullen and The Jetty just to name a few of my favourites from back home plus local Fish ‘n” Chips” takeaway shops in each suburb.

Alas! We found a seafood restaurant in Kingston called “C Seafood and Oyster Bar” just alongside the lake. Not only is the seafood on point but the price is pretty reasonable as well.

As we approached the restaurant, I instantly noticed the sign “C Dine Bar” and a comfortable shade area with numerous amounts of two seated wooden tables and white chairs that have been spread out.  As we entered inside we were immediately greeted by a lovely waitress who led us to our table by the window. The waitress walked us through their menu as it was our first time and offered us drinks before letting us read through their menu.

We already knew what we wanted to order – The Singapore Chilli Crab was no doubt on top of the list and Idrus really wanted to try the Octopus. We also knew we wanted oysters but found to be conflicted as we wanted two different types. In the end, I decided to go with what Idrus wanted which was the Mornay grilled oysters.


At this point we were pretty hangry but also really excited because we miss having seafood and didn’t know what to expect. Our oysters were first to arrive, we only ordered four to split between us and it was served on a bed of black rocks. Idrus loved it, I thought it was yummy but not as amazing as Idrus thought it was. However, anything with cheese involved – I am generally instantly sold.

Took a while for our mains to arrive, we must have arrived to the restaurant around the same time as everyone else who happened to have ordered right before us. Eventually the waitress started to bring us our clamps and picking cutlery plus two bowls of sparkling water to rinse our hands including a bowl to put our shells in. Our excitement started to increase as we knew it was coming.


Idrus’ octopus was the first to arrive, the presentation was beautiful and the octopus looked juicy and cooked to perfection. As weird as it sounds but I cannot eat octopus if I can see its tentacles but I can eat calamari rings… The octopus was plated with potatoes and ink spread out underneath as the bedding. I only had a big of the potato and a tiny slice of the octopus, the ink put me off as well as the tentacles haha.


Finally, the moment we have been waiting for was the Singapore Chilli Crab! The Singapore Chilli sauce was a vibrant orange colour and had a hint of sweetness. It wasn’t too spicy for my palette but I know Kahli would have been sweating if she had this. I will admit, at first I wasn’t sure if I liked it… the Singapore Chilli sauce was different to what I have had in the past but it eventually grew on me and I ate every single of the crab pieces. Idrus only had one or two because I wasn’t going to eat any of his octopus and plus he was already getting full anyway. So I had the crab all to myself!! Nomonomom

DSC04667 DSC04669

With a delicious entree and main it’s only natural to order something from the dessert menu too. I wanted the Brule because you can never go wrong with that but instead Idrus ordered it for himself and I opted to order the Hazelnut Pot de Crème so we could share between ourselves. If you order the Hazelnut Pot de Crème may I suggest you share it with a friend if your anything like me, you will find this to be extremely sweet. I couldn’t finish it because I started to feel pretty sick after it but it was delicious nevertheless. It’s definitely something different to anything I have had before and the thought that was put into this is genius. It was just too sweet for my liking. Idrus’ Brule on the other hand was delicious; it was served with crumbed biscuit and caramelized banana on the side which balanced the sweetness really nicely. It was better than the biscuit that was served on with my desert.

Overall, the experience was pretty amazing. Kudo’s to the chef and the other staff, the food and service was exceptional and you can bet on us to come back again. I cannot wait, I’ve already told Idrus that I want to have dinner here for my birthday.

Have you been to C Seafood and Oyster Bar? Do you know any other seafood restaurants that you recommend? Let me know in the comment box down below. I always love to hear your suggestions and feedback!




Mornay Grilled Oysters 4 pieces for $16.00


Main: Chargrilled Octopus with green chutney potatoes (GF) $28.00

Dessert: Madgascan vanilla bean brulee with caramelised bananas, dulce de leche and pate sable $14.00


Main: Singapore Chilli Crab (GF on request) $28.00

Dessert: Hazelnut Pot de Crème – Nutella crème custard, hazenut iceream, amaretti, torched Italian meringue $14.00


19 Eastlake Parade, Kingston, Canberra, ACT
Tuesday to Sunday: 11:30am – 11pm
Monday: Closed

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