Hide it or flaunt it?

Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley recently wrote a blog called “Why you should wear your ‘Special’ Pieces Every Day” and it really opened my eyes as I am one of those people who save my ‘Special’ pieces for that ‘Special’ day. Now that I think back, I feel like I have expanded my wardrobe and wear those ‘special’ pieces more often then not but there is always room for improvement.

Unfortunately, I am that person and so this post really resonated with me – Therefore, it only felt fitting to share my thoughts and the reason behind it.

My problem is that I have a huge fear of wasting a perfectly good outfit on an insignificant day. That’s my issue! The other problem could have been the fact that growing up in Darwin it was abnormal to be over dressed and not only that but who wants to be sweating in their ‘special’ piece from the humidity? Not me.

My move to Canberra helped me to be more comfortable and brave to wear my ‘special’ pieces because it seemed more appropriate and I don’t get strange looks either.

I think what also resonated with me and has given me the fear to wear my ‘special’ piece for a insignificant day is because back in High School, my best friend made a point that has stayed with me till this day.

– “If you dress the same as you do at work to an event or dinner then you look like you are just going to work”

I didn’t want that… that’s why I like to keep my work clothes separate to my everyday clothes – I didn’t want to look the same and I always felt restricted.

All of the reasons mentioned above is what holds me back from buying ‘special’ pieces in the first place but I think I feel a little more motivated to invest on more of these pieces and wearing them on an average day as well as for a ‘special’ occasion. I need to stop being afraid of the unknown and just flaunt what my mumma gave me.

The disadvantage of not purchasing ‘special’ pieces results to me never having any nice evening wear for special occasions because I am always purchasing casual items that will have me looking under dressed. It all makes sense now!

If I had a dollar for every time I mention ‘special’ in this post, I’d be able to purchase a ‘special’ item 😛

Midi skirts/dresses, flared pants and bold prints/colours come at me. Thank you Harper and Harley for changing my perspective on a ‘special’ piece. You’re right, life is too short for hiding special pieces in your wardrobe. You gotta give it a bit of love and tenderness.



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