Family road trip on a fine Easter Sunday

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last blog post. I’ve missed blogging but with having a baby growing inside of me and taking up most of my energy and motivation. I just couldn’t find it in myself to blog for the last five months. I don’t really go out and do outfit photoshoots these days so you won’t be seeing much of those or any for that matter until I get through my first pregnancy and early stages of motherhood. I do hope you will stick around still and stay up to date with non-fashion related posts until I get my mojo back.

Now… Lets get on to the real reason for today’s post. My first WA road trip!

The family and I hired a van and drove off to Busselton on Easter Sunday which is roughly two and a half hour drive from Perth. The van ride was unpleasant and uncomfortable (especially with a weak bladder) but the trip it’s self was a huge treat.

My in-laws were kind enough to plan out a great day involving four spots to see all in one day. Canal Rocks, Injidup Natural Spa, Busselton Beach and Gnarabup Beach.

Canal Rocks

One word… WOWZA. We only came here to scope it out and enjoy the view and it was seriously my favourite spot from the entire trip. If you want instagram worthy shots then this is the place for you. The ocean was vibrant blue and the mountains of rocks are great for the more adventurous chaps. I would have loved to climb the rocks also but you know… pregnant and all.

You can cross the canals via a narrow bridge and clamber over the rocks to admire the beauty of the ocean just beneath your feet. Amazing!

Injidup Natural Spa

Injidup Natural Spa was suppose to be our main location to sit back, relax and go for a swim. We had been planning to do so for weeks after seeing pictures on instagram. It looked so picturesque and relaxing. The weather on this particular day was incredible too. Not too hot and not too cold. By the time you made your way down the dirt tracks, you’d be thirsty to just jump in the spa once you made it down.

Unfortunately upon arrival, we were quickly disappointed to find that the spa was a lot smaller than we anticipated and it was already full of people. It did not seem like a location to sit back and relax especially when we had a pregnant lady and four kids. It also wasn’t worth walking all the way back to the car to change too, so we decided to go to our next location.

Busselton Jetty

If you’re looking for the perfect location for a picnic and quick dip then Busselton Beach is the place for you. It’s so spacious with a lot of trees to provide you shade, BBQ facilities, playground, public toilets and it’s right by the beach.

Busselton jetty is known for it’s longest wooden pier in the world. We could see it from where we were stationed along the beach. The pier is almost 2km out to sea and you can hop on an electric train to take you across the pier if that’s something you’d want to do.

We had some lunch that my mum in law cooked up the night before. My favourite too, daging Kete and chilli egg. We then just sat under the trees soaking up the sun and relaxed for the rest of the day. It was really busy but because the area was so big, it didn’t feel at all crowded. It was bliss!

(I didn’t take any pictures of the scenery as the beach was not photogenic on this particular day)

Gnarabup Beach

We didn’t come here to stay, we just came to see one last beach before we headed back home. We didn’t even go on the beach because we were so tired and just about ready for bed. It looked really nice nevertheless and a lady who had passed by had said that the current and wind was really strong but still nice.

Enroute back home. Although I was super uncomfortable with my fast growing belly, the day was just amazing. Perfect weather, great locations and even better company.

Next stop, Rottnest Island and hopefully before I deliver.

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