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For quite some time I have heard a lot of good things about Ricardo’s Cafe so I finally convinced Idrus to go and check it out last Saturday.

The food was absolutely delish and the coffee wasn’t too bad but the service was quite poor which is unfortunate.

As we approached the entrance, there was a waitress standing at the door with her clipboard who was responsible for seating new customers. We approached her with a greeting and a smile but all we got back from her was a “resting bitch face” expression and a “table for two?” – What? What a way to make us feel welcomed at our first experience to your cafe… I know I have a resting bitch face myself but when I’m at work I do try to hide it from customers/clients etc.

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I ordered the Wagyu Cheese Burger which has wagyu beef patty, american cheese, onions, pickles and a big dab of tomato mustard relish. It originally comes with bacon as well but I asked for it to not be added. Idrus ordered the Steak Sandwich which was grilled, marinated with harissa spices and was served with cucumber, beetroot, feta salad mixed in chermoula aioli.

Originally, I wanted to get pancakes but decided that I wanted to get a cronut after so I opt for a savory dish instead and well lets just say the burgers at Grease Monkey shits all over the Wagyu burger at Ricardos. The patty was dry and it didn’t have a lot of flavour, it was average to be honest. Idrus’ steak sandwich was probably the highlight of the mid afternoon, even Idrus seemed to think so and was pretty happy with what he ordered.


I than enjoyed a delicious serve of nutella cronut!

Although the customer services wasn’t at its finest, I would still go back again and try something else from their bakery.

Check out their menu here.

Perfect location to have brunch with the family as there is a playground area just out front of the cafe so parents are able to relax while watching over their kids as they run around and play until the food is at the table. A couple of diners also brought their fur friends along which I think is super cute.

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Jamison Place, Bowman Street, Macquarie, ACT
Monday to Friday: 7:30am-5:30pm
Saturday to Sunday: 7:30am-4pm

Visit Ricardo’s Cafe on Facebook & their website

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