Rebel Muse Turns One

First birthday celebrations are always the greatest

I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to Rebel Muse’s VIP Media Event on Thursday the 21st of April where I got to meet some incredible people such as India Rose from IDA Faux Fur Fabrications, Janette Lenk from The Edit and Deejay Lukic from We Are Found. Janette and Deejay are also the editors for The Fashion Vault. The gorgeous Sarah Kelly from My Fashion Empire also made an appearance and this time I had the pleasure of actually meeting her. I even got to rub shoulders with Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning who are the Co-Founders and Director of a new active wear line called P.E. Nations. If you didn’t know, Pip is also the Design Director at General Pants Co.

Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning were in town to not only celebrate their new line but to also celebrate a local boutiques 1st birthday. You guessed it, Rebel Muse turned one last week!

The VIP Media Event was held at Rebel Muse in Braddon and commenced at 5:30pm. I was one of the few people who arrived quite early and was able to shop around to my leisure. Considering Rebel Muse was offering 10% off that night, I used all my willpower to not buy anything. It wasn’t easy but I succeeded nevertheless.

A fellow Canberran Fashion Blogger whom I met via instagram last year was also attending the VIP event so I had the pleasure of having a good chat with the one and only Jemma Mrdak from A Stylish Moment. We have only met twice in person so Thursday afternoon was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other a little more. Jemma has recently launched her very first Social Media Management business called Dak & Co so please go and check it out to show your support.

So, not only did I have the pleasure of being invited to the VIP Media Event but I also won tickets to attend Rebel Muse’s birthday dinner straight after. The ticket included a plus one, a free goodie bag, complimentary drinks and nine course meal at a local restaurant called Eightysix. This included a Q&A with Pip and Claire during the dinner celebrations.

I invited my stunning and bubbly girlfriend, Tori to accompany me at the dinner and I think I speak for Tori when I say that it was a memorable night. The vibe, the food and atmosphere was just exceptionally positive and exciting. The waiter who looked after us was incredibly friendly and welcoming as were the other staff members.


As Tori and I approached where we were sitting, we instantly noticed that our names were printed on a small rectangular paper and placed nicely along with a beautiful white orchid as well as a Rebel Muse goodie bag! We were seated at the bar which was totally fine by us because we got to watch the chef’s prepare our meals and we always got our meals fast too.


Once everyone had settled at their table, Sarah Kelly from My Fashion Empire greeted the room and introduced everyone as well as mentioning why we were here. After that, the meals started to appear in front of us.


The nine course meal included:

  • Duck bun
  • St Agur, fig, vino cotto
  • Hiramasa & mezcal Ceviche
  • Black chicken & buttermilk sliders
  • Pork belly, prunes and cauliflower (I got something else)
  • Pumpkin & mascarpone tortellini
  • Bag Salmon with house pickles
  • Caramel Popcorn Sundae
  • Frozen margarita

DSC01393 DSC01399 DSC01403 DSC01405 DSC01408

Long story short, Tori and I really enjoyed the Duck bun, Black Chicken & Buttermilk sliders and most of all… the Pumpkin & mascarpone tortellini.

The Caramel Popcorn Sundae was an absolute delight but we didn’t receive the Frozen margarita which was fine by me but instead we had some sort of frozen lemon and ice cream with crumbled meringue which was really refreshing and tasty.

During the nine course meal, the beautiful Sarah introduced Pip and Claire again and had a Q&A session with the talented ladies. Sarah is absolutely incredible as she makes everyone feel very involved with the discussion and engaged with the diners too. We even had the opportunity to ask Pip and Claire some of our own questions which was pretty great.


During the course of this evening including in the afternoon I never really got the chance to introduce myself to Pip and Claire as I didn’t want to bother them and I didn’t know what to say so instead I just watched them in awe, ha. I am now kicking myself for not saying anything but hopefully in the future I will get another chance.

Overall, the afternoon and evening was pretty exceptional. Alicia, her staff and Gerard Wilton did a fantastic job and organized a kick ass media event and birthday bash. I cannot express enough for how excited and appreciative I am for being able to celebrate Rebel Muse’s 1st birthday with such amazing and talented people all in one room.

Happy 1st Birthday, Rebel Muse!


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