Are you feeling… Peachy?

On Thursday
, I had the utmost pleasure of being invited to the Peachy Keen VIP launch which is owned by the gorgeous Alicia and her boyfriend. It’s only two or three stores down from Alicia’s first born, Rebel Muse too. Perfect way to provide a one-stop shopping experience for consumers.

I attended the event with my fellow Canberran blogger, Jemma from A Stylish Moment and I finally got to meet another Canberran blogger, Najima from Dusk Avenue.

Before the event, Jem and I took several obligatory outfit photos just across the road and outside Lonsdale Street Roasters. It’s the perfect spot with a gorgeous brick backdrop to compliment your outfit. The cafe was closed too so we didn’t have to worry about having diners giving us strange looks. We did however, get some funny looks from onlookers… #awkward

Upon arriving to Peachy Keen we noticed how crowded it was inside to the point that other guests decided to migrate outside of the store for a breather. Among the guests I spotted my girl Riya from Looking Through Her Closest but unfortunately I didn’t get to catch up with her like I hoped. Hopefully we will catch up soon though.

img_5680 img_5682

When entering inside the packed and slightly revamped shop (which was formerly home and giftware boutique, Unit Concepts) I did notice a few familiar faces but lets be honest… I couldn’t help but notice the food (catered by Woodbrook Catering) and of course the shoes! The set up of Peachy Keen was exactly how Alicia had described it in her recent interview which you can read all about it here.

“Peachy Keen is going to be a bit more bright, colourful and vibrant, again playing on the idea that we want it to be fun and playful.  We are putting in a lot of soft blush pink accents from soft furnishings and combining them with bright, vibrant green from lots of plants and greenery” – Alicia Xyrakis

As you may or may not know, Rebel Muse is one of my favourite boutiques in Canberra – In all of Australia for that matter. They provide the latest trends from popular brands and most of all, they have exceptional customer service (and online zip pay ;)) . I love shopping at Rebel Muse, I haven’t visited much this year (because each time I do go in I always need to buy something) but when I do… I always have a laugh with the beautiful girls at the store including Alicia, herself. In saying that, I have no doubt that the customer service and positive atmosphere will be carried through Alicia’s second store, Peachy Keen!

img_5685 img_5686 img_5687

Alicia wanted to fill that gap in the Canberra market by opening a second store showcasing a more variety of every girls best friend – shoes! Accessories will also be available to shop in Peachy Keen as they all have been moved into the new store which provides more space in Rebel Muse for more products. Yessssss!

As I walked around Peachy Keen, I couldn’t help but spot many shoes that I have mentally added into my wishlist. Many of those items were Superga, Birkenstocks, Senso (what????), Mode Collective, Alias Mae, Siren and Debt of Finery (my new favourite) just to name a few. I also couldn’t help noticing gorgeous handbags and cross-body bags by Dylan Kain and Peachy Keen had a wide range of stylish and trendy sunglasses which I will be going back for. I know Peachy Keen will break the bank, for sure – as did Rebel Muse.


If there is one thing I am going to miss when moving next year, it’s Rebel Muse and Peachy Keen </3

As the evening went on, I got to see Emma from Leiden Magazine and India Rose from Ida Faux Fur (scoop: India was wearing one of her AW17 collections – obsessed) including Jil Hogan from Canberra Times. All of whom I met at Rebel Muse’s 1st birthday celebration. Kim from A Style Side was there too with her sister so I had a little chat with her. I even finally got to officially meet Gerard Butler who is the PR to Rebel Muse, he is absolutely hilarious and friendly.


Peachy Keen is having their grand opening today and if I’m not mistaken… I did hear it was going to be huge (think, fairy floss and party balloons). So please show your support and make your way down to Braddon, Lonsdale street and check out the new store which I like to refer it as ‘shoe heaven‘. Make sure you bring some money because you won’t be able to leave the store empty handed.

Are you just as excited as me about Peachy Keen’s launch? What is your favourite piece from the variety of collections?


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