The perfect guide for a online shopping novice!


Ever since I turned 18 I use to spend all my salary on “online shopping”. Whether it be items on ebay, Lucy in the Sky, Saboskirt, Novo and many more. I would receive packages almost on a weekly basis, it was a huge problem, almost like an addiction. I wore that “Shop-a-holic” crown, proudly. Actually, let me rephrase that, I wore that “Shop-a-holic” tiara proudly as my mum is the queen of  “Shop-a-holics”.

Now that I live in Canberra, there is a lot more of a variety to choose from when you go shopping that you cannot get in Darwin without having to purchase online. Sass & Bide, Mimco, Zara, David Jones and Wittner just to name a few are many designers and labels that I have easy access to now. So in all honesty, I do not shop online as much as I use to when I was able to apply for my first debit card.

I still love a good online shopping splurge every now and then and I have had some friends ask me about online shopping who are very sceptical about the process.  So I thought I would share with you some tips that I found quite important for when you shop online.

Shopping online can be a tricky business as you are unable to physically try on any garments to ensure if they fit and how they look on you. It is always an anxious process but still always fun and rewarding to receive a package in the mail with new goodies to add to your wardrobe.

So, without further ado here are my tips and advice from the experiences I have had with online shopping since my teenage years.


Sizes differ in all fashion labels and you are unable to try on the garments before you purchase them. Some labels will provide a sizing chart with US, UK and AUS sizes. You must be very patient and read the description of the item and see what type of material the item is made from. Sometimes you are already familiar as to how a particular material fits on you. Almost every e-boutqiue will have a Zoom-in function, so by using this you are able to see more details on the garments as well.


If you are still unsure as to what size you need to order, check the size guide as mentioned in step one. Every clothing e-boutique will have a size guide for their clothing. If you don’t know your measurements off by heart, bring out your tape measure and measure yourself accordingly. Most e-boutiques will have a guide on how to measure yourself i.e. bust, chest, hips etc. If the e-boutique does not have it, you can easily find this on Google. Simply Google “how to measure your body” and click on the appropriate link that you find is helpful for you.


Check if the website you are shopping on ships to your country. There is nothing worse then to have already started browsing the website and start adding items to your cart to only find they don’t ship to your location. Trust me, I have done this before. Also keep in mind with the currency as well, if you are unsure you can always google “conversion calculator” – I have found this very useful as it gives me a rough idea on how much it will cost in AUD.


Most Australian e-boutiques offer free postage, even better when they offer free “express” postage. Alternatively, sometimes they offer free postage if you spend a certain amount of money on items. Otherwise, be sure to check how much a standard postage is.


Always read what the e-boutiques return policy is as you are essentially guessing your size. Especially if its your first time shopping on one particular online website. You may need to send it back for the right size, or send it back because you tried it on once you received it and it didn’t look as nearly good as it did on the model. If you are purchasing a sale item, this step is also highly regarded as return policies are different to full price and sale items majority of the time.


Subscribe to your favourite online website as every now and then the e-boutique will offer special discounts for newcomers or because they feel like giving their readers 20% off to share the love. You will also be kept up-to-date for any new releases and new sale items.


Be mindful when purchasing items on eBay, I have had my fair share of buying items on eBay to only receive it and realize it’s a big mistake. I once bought this beautiful white lace dress on eBay that was coming from Hong Kong, once it arrived it was not what it looked like in the image and it was almost like a top rather then a dress – the material was tacky and disgraceful as well.

I also found out that you can buy pre-loved designer items online as well but it is highly regarded to have them authenticated prior to purchasing it. I haven’t tried this myself so I cannot preach to it, but once I do I will be sure to let you know my experience.

Anyway ladies, I hope this has helped shed some light for your next online splurge or for all you first timers. Online shopping is super exciting and even more exciting when you come home to a package waiting for you at your doorstep. I wish I did more online shopping now that I have put this post together, but Idrus and I are mindful on what we spend our money on after we have paid all our bills.

Until next time,


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