It’s time for that ‘new year – new me’ bullshit

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Don’t lie, we have all somehow been succumbed into this metaphor where we promise ourselves that we will get fit and healthy, focus on finances, getting organised and enjoy life to the fullest just to name a few. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, for some people their resolutions do fall through but then for others such as myself – It all goes down the drain within two weeks of being in the new year. Who the hell wants to be more organised anyway? Disclaimer: I’m actually naturally organised anyway.

I didn’t want to be lame and do this but hey, why not? So, I collated a few resolutions for myself to attempt to stick with in the new year.

  • Saving my money! This needs to be right at the very top of the list as it’s highly mandatory for 2017 so Idrus and I are set for the following year as we hope to travel overseas and then hopefully start a family. We also hope to purchase a new home. It’s not even 2017 yet and we are already planning 2018. #holdyourhorses
  • Keep my head down and study hard. No skipping classes, I’m not in high school anymore.
  • Work my ass off to save some more even if it’s probably going to be in retail. I don’t care, so as long as I get discount I’m happy.
  • Don’t spend too much money on clothes with the discount that I may get as per mentioned above
  • Be a great big sister to my siblings
  • But also make sure the youngest one (Chloe, I’m looking at you) doesn’t try to cross me 😛 (P.s. No make up is allowed Chloe and stop snapchatting in class. I’m watching you)
  • Graduate and obtain that Diploma of Fashion Business at MFI
  • Attend at least ONE fashion week. Preferably in Melbourne but I could probably do Sydney too
  • SAVE – I need to keep repeating it so it embeds in my brain
  • Travel back to Perth to visit Idrus
  • Save that extra bit more money because I want to buy a Chanel bag at the end of 2017 as a congratulatory present to me, from myself for completing my Diploma
  • Get back into eating healthy and I guess I will throw in the whole exercising as well ZzZzZzz
  • Gain more loyal readers for Grace & Coy – I just want to be friends, ya no?
  • Be a good wife to the hubby even though we will be doing long distance
  • Learn more about Islam, we are always learning
  • Pray more – Fajir (morning pray) is the hardest for me
  • Practice wearing the hijab perhaps? I’ve been considering on becoming a hijabi as of late…
  • Control my temper and stubbornness. I just can’t help it, I take after my parents. – this is ALWAYS on my resolution list
  • Stop being spiteful – I promise I’m a nice gal… Until you cross me, that is (I kid, I kid)

I arrived safely in Darwin last night and spent the morning devouring a delicious Laksa soup and washed it down with a refreshing watermelon and rockmelon smoothie. It is super hot, as expected but I am so happy to be back home with my family. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas tomorrow!

What is your new year resolution? Will it include you following me on Bloglovin‘? 😛

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