Not really a summer babe, but you know..

Winter in Melbourne sucks, big time. I swear Canberra didn’t rain this much during winter, did it? I know I should appreciate it because rain is a blessing and a virtue from the Almighty but why does it have to be such a buzz kill?

Anyway, Summer isn’t too far away and I know I will be eating my words come summer time (I don’t like the heat) but at this very moment, I want to be able to dress a little freely and not have to be concerned if my denim jacket will keep me warm in the 9 degree temperature. Cos’ you know, I’m all about the denim. So with that being said, I thought I would bring to you some summer favourites that I’ve got my eyes on for the warmer months.

Good Vibes Gold Printed Cushion Cover: This cute 45 x 45cm cushion cover in cotton and linen material will be a great summer edition for your home in or outdoors. Comes in a variety of different prints, suitable for everyone’s taste.

Marble Tableware: You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous marble tableware and it will make for a great wedding gift during wedding season.

Soho Sunglasses: Hot summer days call for hot summer sunnies. Also comes in a variety of different coloured lenses. Shhh… it’s on sale ATM

The Courtney Faux Leather Bag: How cute is the tan faux leather bag? Perfect for nights out with your friends and/or family. Also comes in a variety of colours and also currently on sale πŸ˜‰

Come Away With Me Bag: This cute cross body bag screams summer! Nuff’ said.

Cotton V-Neck Tee: This minimalist cotton and modal material tee will make for a perfect summer essential as well as something to throw on whilst you’re lounging around at home

Summer Pearl Slides: OMGOSH… I DIEEEEE. This is way up there on my wishlist at the moment.

Pink Bow Tie Mules: Another great pair of statement mules with a gorgeous bow tie for a fraction of the price. Currently on sale as well. Yes please!

Boho Off the Shoulder One Piece: Gotta have a cute off the shoulder one piece for the beach, right? Comes in other colours too.

The items mentioned are all sourced via Nali Home which is a great Australian e-boutique shopping space for fashion forward individuals who are passionate for good quality up and coming trends but don’t fancy the hefty price tags. Nali Home works closely with the manufactures in order to provide the affordable goods to “us”. They offer a range of items from home furnished goods/decor, fashion for men and women, kids and your furry family members too. Nali Home is a one-stop shop for all your wants and needs and they continue to grow whilst adding new items to their collection.

I have partnered with Nali Home as a part of their affiliated program and they have kindly offered my readers a discount code to receive 10% off on any orders placed on their website. How cool is that? Use GRACE&COY at check out to save.

So what are you waiting for? Get shoppin’!

What are you looking forward to this Summer? Let me know in the comments section down below

Disclaimer: This is a compensated post by Nali Homes. However, all opinions are my own.

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