Get the scoop on what my skincare routine is

Am I the only person who doesn’t have a skincare routine? To be frank and as per the title of the post I am just down right lazy. I find it a huge task to already have to remove my make up let alone do all the other nitty gritty stuff like using a mask and toning. Yawn….

As mush as I always told myself I would try to have a better skincare routine it just never happens because 1. I don’t want to spend the money and 2. I just can’t be bothered!

I don’t mean to brag but I am pretty lucky to have a pretty good skin. I don’t have to worry about sensitivity and allergies like some, the only thing I do have is dry skin which is why moisturizing has been embedded into my brain during childhood (as mentioned in previous posts, sorry). Thanks mum! I guess I do sometimes have a slight redness but that only occurs after I have washed my face (with water) and dried it with a towel as it eventually goes away after a couple of minutes, give or take.

So, here is my lazy-so-called skincare (and a sneaky make-up low down) for ya’ll starting from the morning hours.

After I have brushed my teeth I apply the Kheils moisturizer which has been my main go to for almost a year now but having ran out just a couple months ago I haven’t been bothered to buy another. They aren’t cheap, ya no? So currently, I have been using my Dove body moisturizer as an alternative up until I received my Frank Body Face Moisturizer. I told you, lazy!

I then apply my make up which currently it’s just lining my brows to give it more dimension and then squiggle a bit of concealer under my eyes. Depending my mood, I might add mascara. Weekends, I put a little more effort and apply my T Tree BB Cream in the shade M from the Body Shop.

For the evening right before I have a shower I remove what little make up I have with the Garnier Miscellar Make Up Remover and then I remove any stubborn bits with the Nars Purifying Foam Cleanser.

Finally, I brush my teeth and apply whatever moisturizer that is in reach.

That my friends, is my lazy-skincare routine within 12 hours. I told you, I’ am super lazy. What is yours? What skincare products do you recommend?

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