A birthday wishlist

As of today, there is only sixteen days until my birthday so naturally like any other shopaholic… It’s time to collate a birthday wishlist. This wishlist is purely FOR ME but hey, if you want to buy some of these items for me (I’m looking at you mum =P) then I won’t argue it. #justsayin

I grew up in a family where birthdays were heavily celebrated and the part I loved most was having a birthday dinner with my family which unfortunately I will not be able to do this year. I’m also spoiled with gifts and money from the grandparents but I have found, as I got older my family have also started to give me money which is equally as good because then it allows me to save it for a rainy day or I get to go shopping! I’d be lying if I said that I’m too old for unwrapping presents though… At least theres Afterpay, so I can purchase a lot me, if you know what I mean 😉

Anyway, without further ado please see below for my birthday wishlist.

A rundown on my wishlist…

1| Camilla and Marc Dachi Tailored Blazer ($699) – There is something about this tailored blazer that screams instant cool and we all know I’m not one to splurge on a clothing piece but I don’t know, there’s always a first time. I absolutely love the tort detailed buttons, it’s definitely different to anything I’ve ever seen before and I think this blazer will be great for both the corporate world and out of the office antics too. It’s certainly a piece you you will get your moneys worth, that’s for sure.

2| Chanel Sling-back, lizard & grosgrain in beige and black ($2150) – My love for Chanel is almost has strong as my love for Louis Vuitton and I’ve got my eyes set on this gorgeous sling-back low blocked heel. I think this will be perfect for the warmer days as well and will revamp any look you have got going on. I’d be crazy to spend $2000 on a pair of heels though, am I right?

3| Gucci Princetown leather slipper ($1095) – All the bloggers haveit and I don’t mean to be a sheep but I gotta have one too. You can look drab as hell but if you have these Gucci leather slippers on your feet, you will look instantly cool.

4| Tony Bianco Amor block heel ($179.95) – I originally  had my eyes on the Kappa heel but the heel is much higher then the Amor therefore I found that the Amor will be more suitable for my lifestyle and will allow me to wear it for brunch or shopping as oppose to wearing it only for the evenings. I think it will make for a great pair for spring and will take me through to summer as well, it’s a win win situation.

5| Prada Catwalk ($390) – I had my eyes set on these but they unfortunately didn’t fit but that’s ok because I love these round one’s instead. A good pair of shades is a great way to hide your imperfections when you want to go make up free but it also makes for every girls best friend for looking “on point”.

6| Celine ZZ Top ($317) – These glasses were seen on Kim K and I honestly can’t help but really dig them. It’s funny how different these are from the Prada glasses mentioned above isn’t it? I have nothing else to say other then the fact that I really want these babies.

 7| Louis Vuitton DE Key Pouch $235) – Ugh I want one so bad! You can use these babies for many things other then to store your keys. You could store your headphones, hair accessories, sanitary items and/or small make up essentials… you name it! I only have monogram Louis Vuitton so what better way to branch out for a different print other then the gorgeous damier ebene?

8| Hoola Benefit Bronzer ($51) – I mentioned about wanting this beauty product on a recent post last month and well nothings changed. I still want it, bad!

9| Mac Selena – If you’re a Selena fan then you would already heard about Mac releasing a limited edition collection featuring make up by Selena. This is high on the wishlist and am hoping they won’t sell out as I am not entirely sure how popular it will be in Australia but I know for a fact they will sell fast in the USA.

10| Miss Dior Blooming Boutique (135) – Ever since trying this baby during my trip to Melbourne in August I knew I needed it in my life. With the gorgeous light and delicate, woody scent what is there not to love?

11| Louis Vuitton Alma BB DE ($1540) – Ever since seeing this beauty on Heyyy June I knew this was a Louis I wanted to make my own as well. I love that it’s a pretty small and compact cross body bag and its stunning Damier Ebene print finished with a vibrant red interior. June has also expressed that you can actually fit a fair bit inside but other then that, It just looks absolutely divine.

12| Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 25 ($1690) – I have been tossing up between a Speedy or a Neverfull for when I go back to school for the first time in seven years but have decided that a speedy is more my cup of tea and will go with my style more then a neverfull would. June has also proven that you can fit plenty of things in a 25 inch speedy here and here so what’s not to love?

So that’s twelve items that are currently on my wishlist. I probably will only be getting let’s say 10% of what is on the list as it’s quite an expensive list if I do say so myself. I also told myself that this year I am going to try and purchase some clothes as I haven’t really been splurging on clothing as of late and I feel like my wardrobe is becoming a little neglected. I will definitely be recording a birthday haul for you all to see what I ended up getting for my birthday so please do stay tuned. Until next time.


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