Muse of the Month: Twiicethestyle

Grace & Coy is super, duper excited to be featuring our very first Muslim Fashion Blogger for Muse of the Month!

Drum roll please…….

Please meet the gorgeous sisters, Mawluda and Nigara from Twiicethestyle.

Based in Sydney, the duo built a popular following via their instagram page before you can even say “Twiicethestyle”

I remember, some time ago when I first came across Twiicethestyle I instantly fell in love with their minimalist but chic style and instantly hit that “follow” button without hesitation.

Now, with over 30K followers there is no doubt in my mind that these amazing girls are going places.

If you want to learn more about the beautiful duo and see what they had to say about their brand, style and what the future holds for Twiicethestyle then keep on scrolling.

Sigh* Please, just take a moment to appreciate how stunning and naturally babn’ these sisters are. Mashallah!


Being a fellow Muslimah myself, I think Twiicethestyle perfectly express how fashion can be incorporated with modesty all the while still lookin’ stylish at the same time.


1. How would you describe your personal style?


M: Casual, cool and relaxed but not too relaxed. I like looking nice but being comfortable at the same time. I like keeping it simple with staple pieces like a nice jacket or a killer pair of boots.

N: I think I have few styles because it depends on the season and my mood. I don’t think I need to stick to one particular style. However, I circle back to simple staple pieces and denim when i’m not bothered.


2. What is your go-to piece for this season?

M: My leather jacket. I don’t see it going out of fashion anytime soon and a good quality leather jacket is a wardrobe favourite for me.

N: My knee length Grey vest, I seriously can wear it over anything!


3. Who is your number one fashion icon and why?

M: I don’t have a specific fashion icon. I look at instagram blogs and whatever catches my eyes is a go and I might get inspo that way. I would like to look into more brands and more fashion blogs but I haven’t had that kind of time.

N: I agree with Mawluda. Its hard to just have one fashion icon/inspiration with the constant influence of social Media. Social Media fashion “inspo” can get a bit overwhelming but its important to just follow pages that really interest you and get ideas from that.

4. Where are your favourite places to shop? (can be online or in-store)

M: I LOVE ASOS for online shopping, Zara, Witchery, Country road, Seed Heritage, David Jones and Myer to name a few. at the moment I am in love with Seed Heritage. I wish the whole store was my wardrobe

N: I am the same with Luda and this is primarily because these brands/department stores offer a range of different styles and are affordable. I don’t think you need to spend $500 on pair of black pants just because of the brand when you can find it at Zara for $80 or so.

5. What is your process of putting an outfit together?


M: It depends on the occasion, so that’s the first consideration and nothing else really, I just imagine an outfit in my mind and put it on but it evolves from there. I might decide that it was different in my head and change it several times before the final outfit. I just got with what feels right. I know that If i cant feel comfortable in an outfit, then I’m going to feel ugly the whole time.

N: I envision what I want to wear depending on the occasion, and what I can come up with from my wardrobe. If I don’t have it, I will hunt for it 😊


Bonus Question: What inspired you to start Twiicethestyle?

We eventually want to start our own label as well as boutique and we thought it would be good to start with Instagram to establish a follower base first. We didn’t think we would get the amount of support that we do so we are really grateful for that. Since we love dressing up, it has not been a problem to snap and post it. We haven’t been as active as we should be because we are both extremely busy at this moment. Mawluda is studying full time psychology honours which is due to be completed soon and I work full time as an Accountant (plus I’m married) so we are both flat out with responsibilities. However, we do have plans and we really want this blog to be successful. It might take time but we know we will get there!


If you fell in love with Twiicethestyle and would like to stay up to date with their stylish outfit posts AND to stay tuned for what their future holds then do please follow them on their instagram page here!
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Disclaimer: Photo’s are rightfully owned by Twiicethestyle

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