Muse of the Month: Alicia Xyrakis

When I contacted Alicia to ask her if she would like to be featured on Grace & Coy for “Muse of the Month” and was totally keen, I was super ecstatic because I really wanted to show my readers how stunning and effortlessly chic this amazing gem was.

I had the pleasure of meeting Alicia sometime last year, during Autumn when I first visited her kick ass boutique on Lonsdale St called Rebel Muse.

My first impression of Alicia went a little something like this:

“Damn, whose this little minx?”

“Oh yes, I do like her”

“Gosh, look at her style – she is so damn hot”

“Argh, you’re so pretty… stop it!”

Haha, well it didn’t go like that to the “T” but I think you get the gist – I was totally girl crushing on her, and still do till this day. *blush*

If you’re not based in Canberra then don’t fret – Rebel Muse offer shipping services all around the world so you can get your hands on her lovely pieces which are hand packed especially by her and her amazing fellow muses.

To stay tuned with what the muses get up to than follow Rebel Muse on instagram and like their facebook page so you never miss out on any new pieces or sales!

Also, Rebel Muse has a blog which I highly recommend you staying tuned for as they provide amazing content with tips and tricks regarding all things fashion and lifestyle.

Without further ado, continue to scroll down to learn more about the one…. the only…. Alicia Xyrakis!


1.       How would you describe your personal style?

Effortless and a mix of classic and basic  staples with statement pieces.

2.       What is your go-to piece for this season?

Oh its hard to have just one, but I would say my go to piece for winter would have to be my leather pants! This will be my third winter with them. And they have definitely been worth the investment! We just got our delivery of leather pants in at RM and when they  arrived in store it took me back 3 years to when I was working in the fashion Industry in Sydney, earning no money and paying a bomb in rent, and I  saved up my pennies to by my leather pants! Because I just NEEDED a pair so badly!  The ones we just got in are so beautifully constructed from amazing quality leather they make my heart flip and get butterflies in my tummy! I know it sounds stupid, but that is honestly how I feel when I come across amazing pieces! Which is why I am in this industry and love what I do!


3.       Who is your number one fashion icon?

Just one!! Oh that’s difficult… Ummm… I can’t say I have just one, I get inspiration from a lot of different people for all very different reason.  I would have to say my top icons are (in no particular order); Miroslava Duma, Victoria Beckham, Leandra Medine and Christine Centenera.

4.       Where are your favourite places to shop? (can be online or in-store)

My number 1 favourite place to shop is of course Rebel Muse! The only other place I shop and spend money is probably Mecca, as I don’t sell skin care and make up at Rebel Muse haha.  I’m not much of an online shopper myself, I love the whole shopping experience.  Besides from Rebel Muse, my favourite shops to spend time in and where I get inspired are all in Sydney and they are; Manning Cartel, Scanlan & Theodore, The Corner Shop, Incu & Harrolds.


5.       What is your process of putting an outfit together?

I don’t really have a process for putting outfits together.  I actually don’t think into it too much, which is why I explain my style as effortless.  I can’t plan outfits too far in advance, it usually depends on what I feel like wearing on that day or at that moment.  My outfit depends on the mood I’m in, the look I feel like portraying, the weather, what I’m going to be doing and how much time I have had to get ready (which usually isn’t very much).  I will not go out in a summery dress, if it is cold and pouring rain. So I really let the situation depict my outfit.



6.       SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: What is your favourite item that you currently stock in Rebel Muse and why?

Again, just one!!?? I can never pick just one.  This is like asking me to pick my favourite child!  Well as I mentioned in the first question, the leather leggings are definitely up there! We had these fluffy heels in store recently (all sold out now) which are just the best.  I also feel like everyone needs to own a pair of Nobody Jeans, most lush jeans you will ever wear. Oh and the Dinosaur Dress by Georgia Alice is just phenomenal!!


Disclaimer: Photo’s are rightfully owned by Alicia

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