Beaufort street’s shopping strip

On my last Saturday in Perth, Idrus and I headed out towards the city and had a nice stroll and brunch in a little suburb just 10 minutes away from the CBD called Mount Lawley.

It was our first time visiting this area and we both didn’t really know what to expect. I did however have an inkling as to what I wanted to see after reading Inspiring Wit’s blog just a week prior. As Idrus and I are still fairly new to Perth, we are still working our way through all the endless options of things to do in WA. We thought there were plenty of places to visit in Canberra, but Perth is like a Pandora’s Box…….

I wanted to take some great shots while we were in Mount Lawley but I decided not to bring my camera and try and capture a few of the sights here and there with my iPhone. Instead, I found myself too distracted and in awe with the suburb. Jenelle was right, Mount Lawley is such a cool place to stop by, for brunch/coffee and a little wander for some light shopping.

After Idrus and I had brunch at a little cafe called Lincolns 102 which is just off Beaufort street (where all the action happens), we made our way to the shopping strip for a stroll. We came across Planet Books which was mentioned on Inspiring Wits as well as Department boutique. Camilla and Marc and Zimmerman can be found in this trendy boutique among many other brands. We also came across a very cool shop that was not mentioned on Inspiring Wit, called Elroy.

Elroy doesn’t look like much from the outside but once we got inside we were pleasantly surprised at what this unique little shop had to offer. Not only did Elroy stock unique clothing for men and women but they had endless amounts of jeans and vintage pieces too. Idrus almost walked out with another Champion hoodie.

Just on the other side of the street, there was another little store that didn’t look like much on the outside, called Jack. Inside you could find similar brands that Glue Store and General Pants Co stock. Idrus almost purchased a newly released Lee denim jacket, sadly for me, he decided to not get it. (I totally could have worn it too :P)

With that being said, Beaufort Street also had Mimco, Witchery and Seed Heritage too. I know there is plenty more on Beaufort Street but we decided to leave it for another day and head back into the city.

I can’t wait to visit Mount Lawley again and see what else this hip shopping strip has to offer and share more hidden shopping gems with ya’ll.


Top: Idrus’ | Jacket: Asos | Pants: Nobody Denim | Scarf: Modelle | Shoes: Tony Bianco | Bag: Louis Vuitton

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