Things I’ve learned in the last month

  Are you a small town girl, moving to Melbourne where there are tall buildings and crazy busy streets? If so, that’s great and kudos to you for moving forward in your life for whatever reason you have. I’m the same you know – I’ve recently relocated to Melbourne. Only for a short time though, then I’ll fly out again to start a new life in WA with my partner in crime.

It may seem daunting being in the big smoke, but don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I have learned a few basic tricks in the last month that should calm your nerves as they has mine. Disclaimer, some of these are probably a no brainer but I feel like there could be a few tips that are new too.

  • When you are waiting for your train to arrive, head to the other end of the platform that is the opposite from the entrance. I find that less people wait in that area, thus more chance of finding seats.
  • Charge your phone before leaving the house. You’re gonna need it to listen to music on long train rides and to use GPS if you get lost.
  • Plan your journey to and from home, that way you can save it or screenshot it and not have to worry about it later. Bonus Tip* You save data by doing this as well
  • The city has free WIFI… What?!?!?!?! – so use it peeps

  • Avoid carrying a bag that doesn’t have a zip if you’re paranoid like me. I’m so worried that someone could slip something in my bag or steal something.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, don’t be ambitious by wearing heels. Sneakers are so in trend anyway
  • If you are spending your day off roaming around Melbourne, try and head back home before peak hour.
  • If driving, always plan to leave at least an hour early. No matter what the occasion is! a 15 minute trip could randomly become a few hours.

So how bout that? I hope at least some of these tips become useful to you whether you are new in town or just visiting. I’m no pro and I’m sure there is much more to learn. ! All the best.

Until next time,




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