The race that stops the nation…

Melbourne Cup is Australia’s best known horse racing event which is held on the first Tuesday of November, yearly. It’s also a public holiday in Victoria and is well known as “the race that stops the nation”. To be honest, I am not really interested in the horse racing debacle if you ask me.

If I remember correctly, two horses sadly died not long after the big race at last years Melbourne Cup event and as I watched the race yesterday afternoon with my colleagues on the large projector (purely to bludge if I must admit) I couldn’t help but imagine how much pain the horses have to endeavor to fulfill many men and female’s pleasure for the race.

Anyway I didn’t mean to get all melancholy on you, lets speed this up and get into the more lighthearted topics like fashion. – Before I proceed I might add that I’m not sure if it makes me a hypocrite to enjoy the fashion scenery which is also a huge part of the Melbourne Cup but if we are being honest here I just really needed a topic to post for Wednesday as I have been having major writers block! #letsbereal

Without further ado please see below five of my favourite outfits from the Melbourne Cup of 2016.

Jennifer Hawkins wears Misha Collection
Nadia Bartel wears Alex Perry
Scherri-Lee Biggs wears Asilio the Label
Nikki Phillips wears Asilio the Label
ksenija lukich wears Rachel Gilbert


Images sourced via Elle, Google Search & instagram

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