The collection that we have all been waiting for

Selena Quintanilla Perez was and still remains the Queen of Tejano music many years later. In fact it was around the time I was born when her career started to skyrocket through the roof along with her band, Los Dinos.

I grew up hearing her music play in the background as my mum was quite fond of her. For those who may not have heard of Selena (shame on you if you haven’t: P) Selena was murdered on the 31st of March  1995  by the most hated person in the world, Yolanda Saldivar who worked for Selena and her family as the President of Selena’s Fan Club.  Anyway, I don’t want to get into this history so if you want to know more about the stunning superstar that could have been even bigger then Beyonce if she still was still alive then I suggest watching the movie that was released 2 years after her death. It’s called “Selena” and Jennifer Lopez plays the role of this amazing talented star. You can also read Chris Perez’ book “To Selena, With Love” which I recently read for the second time. Chris talks about Selena in more depth compared to the movie. It’s a great book; it’s actually the first book that ever had me in tears.

If you had the chance to see your favourite artist in concert, dead or alive. Who would you choose? My answer is, Selena! Only Idrus and my best friend knows the true fondness I have for Selena. If you watched the film, read about her on the internet and read Chris Perez’s book then you will understand why Selena is someone that I look up to. She was pure, genuine and had a heart of gold. She loved and appreciated her fans more than anything and even though she was becoming a huge star across the nation she remained true to herself and was down to earth. She never let her ego get to her, and she never forget where she came from before all the fame.

Today I wanted to share the Mac Selena Collection that was released in early October. Of course, being a huge Selena fan I was adamant to buy the entire collection even though half of the products didn’t appeal to me. I still wanted it all, nevertheless.  Idrus was actually going to surprise me with the collection for my birthday but I ruined it, more on this was mentioned in my Youtube Video. I was able to nab every single item in the collection except for the mascara, I didn’t mind so as long as I had all three lipsticks. Como La Flor, Dreaming of you and Amor Prohibido – I was satisfied.

The collection isn’t just any collection that Mac Cosmetics put together sparingly. Suzette (Selena’s older sister) still had Selena’s entire make up collection from when she was still alive and she provided them to Mac to rummage through to help them come up with something unique. Everything in the collection is based on the makeup that Selena wore herself. The lipsticks are all traits of Selena, she wore the dark burgundy, neutral and vibrant red on and off stage. Then you have the eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and blushes. All Selena! The best part is, every product was named after Selena’s popular songs. Suzette and the rest of the family were a part of the whole process as well, I mean it makes sense. After all, they are the only ones who truly new the real Selena.

I have already used all three lipsticks and I love them all, the only thing is… I have a similar colour in “Dreaming of you” which is called “Diva” – I still love it nevertheless, it just means if I ever wanted to restock on “Dreaming of You” but it was discontinued, god forbid then I could opt for purchasing “Diva”

I already talked about the collection via my Youtube Channel I am going to be super brief in this post and only showing still shots of me wearing the lipstick and then flatlays of the other collection including swatches.


I wish I knew how to apply eyeshadow as I’m sure I would get a lot of use out of these gorgeous shades. ‘Is it the Beat’ and ‘Selena’ was the most pigmented shades compared to the others but I’m sure if you apply it moderately you will still receive fantastic results.

The eyeshadows are as follows from right to left: No Me Queda Mas, Selena, Foto Y Recuerdos, Is It the Beat, Missing My Baby


I have indeed used the bronzer and blush from this duo palette and I do love it. The blush is a little pinkier to what I’m use to but I love it nevertheless. I have only used it a couple of times, just because Selena’s name is engraved in the bronzer and I don’t want it to fade away. I might purchase another palette purely to use, we’ll see.


I have yet to try the eyeliner but I heard some great reviews on it. I don’t have steady hands or have the patience to apply it anyway but I’m sure I will wear it someday.


I haven’t even used the brush yet and I probably will never use it. It’s not because it’s not of great quality, I’m sure it is but I really just want to keep it as some kind of heirloom, Aha. For a small brush, it was quite pricey which was $70.00 AUD but hey… Anything for ‘Salinas’ right?

Left to right: Como La Flor, Amor Prohibido and Dreaming of You


This dark burgundy lipstick with a matte finish is absolutely divine; even though it is uncannily similar to the “Diva” product I still love it nevertheless. I do wish that Mac had made it a little darker but I can see myself wearing this colour often.


I love this colour but sadly it is hardly noticeable when I wear it so what I do is use the Candy K lip liner by Kylie Cosmetics then I go over it with the Amor Prohibido. I can’t, not wear this as it’s absolutely beautiful with its natural hue you can’t go wrong.  The formula is very moisturizing and slides on the lips smoothly. I only wish that it was more noticeable when I wear it.


I saved the best for last. Como La Flor which is probably the most popular colour as it is Selena’s signature look. Its vibrant red tone screams “Selena” to the core; it’s the colour that Selena is most prone to wear on and off stage. I wore it for the first time at the Girls Night In event and couldn’t help but wear it again that same week. The formula is exactly the same as Amor Prohibido and has a shiny finish when applied. If you look closely, you can see a glimpse of shimmer that arrays from the product. Breathtaking just as Selena was!

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