Loving the khaki and pink combo

When I said I had a backlog of photos from earlier last year, I wasn’t joking & I still have a lot more to upload on the website. This one is one of them.

On this particular day, the family headed out to Scarborough beach which is less than an hour away from our house so it’s not too bad of a drive.

I didn’t go swimming on this day due to a monthly visit haha so that was a bust but at least my outfit looked good.

I honestly struggle to dress during summer time because you want to stay on trend but you still got to be covered which means you have to layer. And lets face it, layering in summer is. not. ideal… I guess we just make do, am I right?

The khaki pants I’m wearing is from H&M and I’m pretty sure it was on sale too but I can’t remember how much. It’s really thin material making it perfect for summer time and has a paper bag waist band. Is that what the style is called? I paired it with a cropped pink long sleeve top from Bardot which I also got on sale and just to be safe, I wore a singlet underneath which is the layering part that I was talking about.

I really should get more singlets to wear underneath short tops for summer time, I think they will come in handy.

To accessories, I styled my scarf as a turban like always but this time I wore a hat as well and hooped earrings. I definitely had that Selena style vibe going on. No I’m not talking about Selena Gomez haha.

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