A day filled with skyscrapers and Japanese degustation

While I am residing in Melbourne, one of the few things I told myself that I’d like to do is explore more and get out of my comfort zone which is never really easy for an introvert like myself.

So, when I was invited to visit the Eureka Skydeck in Southbank I knew I couldn’t pass the opportunity. I thought it was a perfect way to kick start the week that was ahead involving Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.

The Eureka Skydeck is Melbourne’s 297 metre Eureka Tower which is a gold plated skyscraper along the Yarra River in the beautiful and modern precinct.  You hop on a roomy elevator which takes you high up on the 88th floor in just 38 seconds, and even though it’s a smooth ride I still felt a little uneasy on our way up.

It is one of Melbourne’s greatest points for a banging view of the city. Comfortable sofas are provided so you can sit, relax and observe Melbourne in all its glory over a cup of coffee.

Remi and I had the opportunity to experience the Edge where you hop on a glass cube that extends out from the 88th floor and hangs high above the city over 300 meters. Butterflies were fluttering in my tummy, I was so petrified but I held my own and braved what felt like a lifetime of suspending above the Melbourne city. The special effects did not help my nerves at all, but I managed to stay on it long enough to get a few photos as well as a professional photo from Eureka Skydeck themselves.

Whether you are a local or someone who is in town visiting, I suggest taking the time out of your day to visit the tallest observation deck in the southern hemisphere.

After spending a little time admiring the breathtaking skyscraper, it was time to indulge in some insanely delicious Japanese fusion at Akachochin which is only ten minutes away.

As far as Japanese fusion goes, I’ve only had sushi and I stay clear from raw fish, although I have tried one or two in the last year or so. With 4.5 stars on google ratings, I put all my trust and faith in giving Akachochin a fair go. It’s also a step closer to my goal of being open minded and trying new things in 2017. Being completely foreign to Japanese food I was excited but also nervous to say the least

Mason, the very polite and helpful waiter at Akachochin made sure Remi and I were comfortable and went out of his way to ensure we had the full Akachochin experience. We put all our trust into Mason’s hands and allowed him to bring out highly recommended cuisines for us to try and I was pleasantly surprised, if I do say so myself.

We started off with Hiramasa Namerou which is a plate of Kingfist tartate with wasabi miso and rice crackers. I for one, am very hesitant eating raw fish but I promised to go with an open mind and try it. I will be honest, it wasn’t all that horrible but in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but think… ‘raw fish’. Remi on the other hand, loved it and ate every last bit of it. Next up was another dish that I wasn’t entirely excited about. It was a beautifully presented bowl of Tofu chia seed salad with palm of hearts, endive, red onion and fennel dressed with onion and ginger dressing. As the salad was placed on the table, I admired the aroma and freshness from the salad. The smell of the sesame oil was definitely present. I’m not going to sugar coat it and blantly say that I don’t like tofu. I’ve tried it so many times, in the hopes to find love for it but it just doesn’t do it for me. However, mixing the tofu into the dressing made it that much more bearable and slightly enjoyable. Like the Hiramasa Namerou, it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t for me. It is certainly a dish for tofu lovers, though.

Mason brought us Sashimi Moriwase which Remi loved as well but again, it wasn’t for me. I did try the salmon and tuna though, but again… ‘raw fish’. Remi found the dish to be very refreshing, especially served with the wasabi.

The next three dishes were my favourite, Mason brought us Tebasaki gyoza which I was a little concerned about as I’ve only ever tried horrible gyoza in my time. Pull the breaks though, the ones served up by Akachochin will change the way you look at gyoza for the rest of your life. The gyoza is stuffed in large chicken wings and cooked to perfection. It was so flavoursome and juicy. I could eat five of them as well as the Grilled Wagyu Beef with a spicy sauce, oh my was it cooked to perfection. Last but not least, the Grilled Chicken was very similar but instead served with a spicy teriyaki sauce. Mouth watering to say the least. The heat of the spicy sauce was perfect as well.

You didn’t think I would have left Akachochin without having dessert now did you? Normally it’s a must to have dessert after experiencing 10 out of 10 for the main course. Mason plated us two different types of dessert which were beautifully presented. The first dessert was presented in a large, round glass filled with panacotta and peach flavoured jelly. Next, was a scoop of green tea and a scoop of vanilla beans, yum. Honestly, what a great way to end an already delicious meal and to cool us down before heading back outside to the warm sun.

For someone who was hesitant, I walked out with a whole different perspective towards Japanese cuisine but Akachochin has honestly set the bar really high.

Further to that, the ambience of the restaurant was very modern with a hint of Japanese culture as well. My favourite of course was the dining tables, what blogger isn’t obsessed with marble? The staff were absolutely accommodating and friendly and in my opinion, it certainly lived up to the 4.5 stars.

Thank you so much to Progressive PR for inviting me to experience the Eureka Skydeck and indulge in an afternoon full of Japanese decadency to celebrate and wind down for a hectic week that was due to commence during Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.

This post is sponsored by Progressive PR. All opinions are my own.


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