A little food for thought

      Last year, I was introduced to my first instagram pod where I met some incredible and like-minded individuals around Australia. If you don’t know what an Instagram Pod is, it’s essentially an instagram group via direct messenger where you share your newly published post with everyone who is in the group and they then check out your new post, like it and leave a sincere comment. Generally, you all follow each other as well. So far, from what I know about these instagram pods is that they are a great forum to build your audience, increase your engagement and gain more momentum across the instagram world. Is this authentic? Yes, I think so as long as the comments are genuine, obviously.

Apparently, being a part of instagram pods is a way to cheat the ridiculous algorithm that instagram had put in place which has basically made it difficult to get your brand across to new followers, which I like to think of as new friends! You won’t believe how many new people I have met over the last several months. Fellow Muslim sisters in particular!

In the last couple of months since being a part of my first pod, I have been invited to join other pods too. With that, I have met a variety of other individuals across the world who I now consider my instagram family. I have left two or three pods however, because I felt like I had nothing in common with the other profiles which resulted in forced comments on my part. #truth. I will also leave an Instagram pod if I feel like there is no support or communication activity in the group message either. I like pods where there is support and you get to know one another. It’s more than just “liking” and “commenting” on each other’s pictures. If you’re just in it for the “likes” and “comments” then maybe you’re not being authentic…

Overall, I am currently part of two pods on instagram and I’m glad I did it because not only is my engagement growing (which is basically what you want for your brand, duh) but I believe I have made some great friends along the way which is the most important and exciting part about joining these instagram pods. When I join these pods, I join to meet new people. It really helps me too, because I am new in Melbourne and Perth so I don’t know many people. Increasing my engagement is just a bonus.

TIP: If you want to create an instagram pod, I recommend selecting who you want in the pod carefully by ensuring that everyone at least has the same aesthetic or style. If you have a group of beauty bloggers in your pod, then adding a foodie blogger to the group may not be value-added. Try and create a pod with like-minded people so you can actually provide genuine and authentic comments in a supportive forum.

Now that I have got that off of my chest, I had a wonderful brunch a few weeks ago with a fellow blogger which in fact I met via said, Instagram pods. Her name is Stacy, you may know her as Sneak Peek Stacy. We met up at a very cozy and cute little cafe in the streets of South Yarra and enjoyed a light brunch at Stepping Stone. If only the weather wasn’t so windy and dreary then we could have sat under the sun and got some well needed vitamin D, but that was not the case. Luckily, we got a seat by the window. Stacy has been blogging on and off since 2010 and freakishly we have almost the exact same Canon camera along with the exact same lenses and we are both a little on the clumsy side. If it wasn’t for those instagram pods, I probably wouldn’t have met Stacy.

After chatting away by the window in a warm and cozy cafe, we wandered around South Yarra to find a spot for some outfit pics. You can’t honestly go on a brunch date with a fellow blogger and not get some outfit pictures together, am I right?

These photos were taken by Stacy of course. Check out her blog to see the pictures I took of her. I loved her Tony Bianco boots and khaki blazer!

A big shout out to all my ladies who I’ve met via instagram pods. Ya’ll know who you are!


Shirt: COS (similar here & here) | Jeans: Nobody Denim | Hijab: Doosy | Shoes: Tony Bianco | Bag: Louis Vuitton

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