Two more days until Darwin

It’s been approximately a year and four months since I was last home and to say I am excited is an understatement. Although I did see my family in May this year, it still feels like a lifetime. I also miss the little things in Darwin that you can’t get in Canberra or anywhere else in Australia. So, I thought I’d share with you a quick run down on a few things that I cannot wait to see and/or eat =P in Darwin that I miss.


You cannot get Pauls Iced Coffee from anywhere in Australia other than the Northern Territory. Canberra has Farmers Union but I’ve never been a fan of it so I am looking forward to having my first sip of the delicious Territory’s own Pauls Iced Coffee when I am back.


It may look like nothing, but it’s so delicious

My favourite Asian take away shop, ever! I’ve been to a few Asian restaurants/take away shops in Canberra but they do not compare to Darwin’s Happy Garden. A lot of people don’t see the hype of Happy Garden but I think it’s because I grew up always having Happy Garden which naturally makes it the best Asian Restaurant for me. No Chicken Noodle Soup compares to theirs and nothing beats their Chicken Potato and Mongolian Beef. Nomnomnomnomonom


I didn’t go to Parap Markets often as it starts early and finishes just a bit after lunch time and that’s when I normally wake up when I was still living at home. However, when I did go – all I bought was Chicken and Beef Laksa Soup from one of the stalls but I could never remember the name. I only knew it was the one, once I saw the ladies who worked there. I also ordered a refreshing freshly squeezed juice smoothie and again, I only knew which stall it was until I saw which ladies worked there. Mmmmmm, memories.


I can’t believe I can’t find any Thai restaurant or take away shops who make Poh Pias in Canberra. They are like spring rolls but instead, they have meat inside and is served with a sweet sauce that is drizzled over it. Yum! I am going to devour so many of these when I am in town.


Image sourced via Google

All sunsets are incredible but the sunsets in Darwin are the best you will ever see in your lifetime and I cannot wait to sit by the beach and see it again. The array of the colours when the sun is setting is absolutely breathtaking and I swear it makes you feel like all your dreams can come true. Corny, I know! Google Darwin sunsets right now, and your heart will melt.


Since there is no beach in Canberra, the seafood here cost an arm and a leg so I am looking forward to endless amounts of affordable and fresh seafood back home. There are fish and chips take away shops in every suburb and sometimes there is more than one. Place your order then enjoy a relaxing afternoon by the beach with some friends or family while watching the sunset. Bliss!


The one thing I am most looking forward to is seeing my family and friends. Darwin is were I grew up and created countless of memories with friends and family. Yes I have friends here, but my friends back home will always be a little piece of heaven.

My Aunty and cousins have moved back to Darwin too, so it’s going to be another family reunion minus my family who live in Portugal. I even get to celebrate Bella’s fourth birthday while I’m there which I am super excited about because the last time I was home for her birthday was when she turned one!


Another thing I am looking forward to when I go to Darwin for the Christmas break is just the familiarity of Darwin. It’s such a small town and you become to see the same people quite often that you don’t even know but you see them all the time. How bout’ the myths of the Poinciana women? Haven’t heard of her? Google it now

The pigeon lady, yes Darwin has one. She isn’t has friendly as the pigeon lady in Home Alone though.

Even just going to Casuarina and seeing old friends or acquaintances. You know what I mean, right? I can’t wait to be comfortable.

As much as I use to complain that I hate Darwin, since moving out of Darwin I have come to appreciate it a lot more. Kind of like a love, hate relationship. No matter what, it’s home and I can’t wait to go home and rekindle where I grew up and became the girl I am today.

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