A true Friends fan!

Get yourself a husband that knows a way to your heart!

Idrus bought me this Friends tee for my birthday in October (among many other Friends knick knacks) and I’m absolutely obsessed. It’s huge on me but that’s what I love about it, also!

I’ve raved about how much I love Friends on my socials as it is but in case you missed it then yes I am a huge fan of the tv show. Having watched it since it aired, I remember specifically watching it every Monday with my mum right before I went to bed. It’s crazy what you can remember. It aired on TV in the early 90’s so I’m not sure exactly how old I was when I started to watch it but regardless since then I’ve watched the full 10 seasons more than I can count on one hand.

And despite having watched it way too many times, I still find every little detail in the show absolutely bloody hilarious! I’ve noticed a lot of the younger generations getting into it as well! Makes me feel so old haha.

For this look, I simply paired it with a pair of jeans, my Puma’s and a pair of Valley Eyewear sunglasses. Not gonna lie, I felt so cool and I got so many questions on the shirt as well. Idrus bought it from Urban Outfitters I believe. I been wanting a Friends tee for the longest time (as everything else haha) and so I’ am super chuffed that Idrus decided to surprise me for my birthday with this among many other little Friends things + a Friends sweater too. I die !!!

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