Essentials to get you through a long flight

I’ve travelled a lot in my time, especially when I was still in high school. Nanna would travel to Portugal on a yearly basis and since I’ m secretly nanna’s favourite (not really), I always had the opportunity to tag along. She has taken me to Malaysia, East Timor, Rome, London and Paris too. Spoilt!

That being said, flying is never all that glamorous. Especially if you’re sitting at the back in economy. Long flights like flying to Portugal all the way from Australia is like 2-3 days being on a plane, where one flight alone is 12 hours and having to wait for your connection flights all in between. It’s always worth it in the end because I get to go back to a place like Portugal which I consider home. Sadly, the last time I visited Portugal was nearly a decade ago, which is why I’ am hoping to fly back to Portugal next year with Idrus and visit various cities in Europe while we are there.

On another note and after what felt like a life time, I am back in Perth with Idrus. Unfortunately, I am only here for two weeks while on Autumn break and I’m sure the two weeks will feel like two days. Nonetheless,I sure am going to make the  most of it.

It is roughly 3-3 ½ hours between Melbourne and Perth. Even though I’ve been on planes for much longer then that, I do not enjoy it to say the least. That’s why I thought I would share a few things that I find are vital when travelling; and makes traveling slightly more bearable.

  • Comfy pants: If you’re going to be flying anywhere for longer than 2 hours, opt for wearing comfortable pants. Or better yet, wear a dress instead.
  • Make-up free: Make up gurus across the country suggest that this is vital. I honestly don’t see the point in wearing make-up on a flight. If you need to be somewhere straight after, bring your make-up bag on the flight with you and apply it on when you’re nearly at your destination.
  • Moisturise: Your skin is most comfortable when the humidity level is between 40 to 70 percent. When you’re on the plane, your skin is exposed to only 20 percent of humidity which results in dry, flakiness and red skin. So make sure you moisturize before your flight and keep a small tube in your bag to re-apply throughout the flight.
  • Jacket: It’s a no-brainer! Unless you don’t get cold easily.
  • Stay Hydrated: This also applies to tip #3. I find this difficult to do while on the plane because then I have to keep going to the bathroom. It’s embarrassing and also disturbing if I’m sitting on the window seat but if you have a bladder that can last without a trip to the loo, drink up – H2O that is
  • Comfy Shoes: I pity the fool who wears heels on a plane…. like why? It’s not a fashion parade. It doesn’t hurt to still look stylish but there are other ways to still be stylish AND comfortable.
  • Music: Nothing beats having kick-ass beats for a long flight to lift your spirits on an otherwise uncomfortable and tiring flight.
  • Hand Sanitiser: Call me germaphobe but if I can avoid being sick, I will. You’re stuck in a closed plane with a row of strangers with minimal personal space, so the chances are higher of contracting something. No thanks.
  • Wipes: These come in handy if there is an accidental spillage or you just want to freshen up.
  • Hair ties: A girls best friend, I have one around my wrist at all times.

So there you have it, the ‘ins and outs’ to my essentials that I swear by to get me through the anticipated flight. Have a wonderful weekend.

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