Summer struggles, sorted.

I’ll be experiencing my first summer as a hijabi this year and I’d be lying if I said I was excited. I’m already not a fan of summer so you best believe it when I tell you that I’m not keen to be sweating balls. However, thank God for Hijab House. HH are smashing it with their new arrivals. Their basic shirts and fashionable dresses along with gorgeous outerwear are so stylish, making it super easy for us to keep up with current trends while dressing modestly at the same time.

Hijab House seriously has me keen for summer and I really wanted to jump on board and share with you some of my favourite pieces from their collection that I think will be great for summer.


Top to Bottom: Amber Brown, Burlwood, Burnt Russet, Charcoal Cotton, Black Drop Sleeve Tie Knit, Light Weight Top in Grey, Skin and White, Mummy Jeans, Black Ribbed Skirt

Core items are usually my go to as they’re great for all seasons and can be paired with just about anything. I love the basic shirts because they are easy to throw on with your favourite jeans (or even the mummy jeans) and if you wanted to be a little extra, you can add a blazer or some kind of outerwear that isn’t too hot.

I love my jeans so I’d definitely like to add the Mummy jeans into my collection. As for the skirt, it’s perfect if you’re in a rush or you just want to wear something comfortable.


Top to Bottom: Striped Linen Kimono, Maje Denim Vest, Silver Embellished Kimono, Bind Floral Kimono,
Alice Ruffled Tunic, Stella Denim Dress, Resort Dress Top, Sierra Pleated Shirt Dress, Sandstorm Stretch Skirt

 I absolutely love my outerwear, even if it’s humid. All four of the above outerwear would go hand in hand for the core items and this is why I love core items so much because there really is no limits as to what kind of outerwear you can wear your basics with.

Shirt dresses are seriously our best friends but the best thing about them too is that even non-Muslims can wear them. The Stella Denim Dress and Resort Dress top are my absolutely favourites and you gotta love that gorgeous salmon colour of the Sandstorm Stretch Skirt.

These fashion pieces are great to elevate your look if you feel like looking fancy for no reason at all or because you have an event coming up but you don’t want to look too extra, yano?


Top to Bottom: Ivy Flower Jumpsuit, Bell Sleeve Jumpsuit, Steele Ruffle Kimono, Annalise Maxi Dress,
Gold Reed Kimono, Dark Rose Ombre Pants, Scarlet Stretch Skirt

Statement pieces! It’s pretty self explanatory. These are some of my favourite items if you have a wedding coming up or you need a little somethin’, somethin’ for Spring Racing next month ;). Perhaps you just like to overdress, whatever fancy’s you. I love the Bell Sleeve Jumpsuit and the Steele Ruffle Kimono as well as the Gold Reed Kimono and Scarlet Stretch Skirt.

So tell me, are you summer ready?

Before you go, make sure you check out my new “Shop” page where I feature items that I’ am loving in my wardrobe as well as items that I want to add to my wardrobe 😛

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