This suit can take you from the office straight to doing errands

I bought this suit set from Asos for a Bali July wedding as seen here.  So when I came back I wanted to try and see if I can dress it down for a regular day and this was the result.

These photos were actually for a collab I did for an iphone case company in Australia but I wanted to share the outfit over here on the web because I really love it.

Anyway, I basically styled the suit similar to the way I styled it for the wedding but instead I wore a different coloured shirt underneath from Hijab House which is actually on sale.

Instead of heels, I paired it with my checkered slip on Vans which I thought really added that “casual” vibe.

I chose my Golden Hour scarf from Vela Scarves as I love how it looked paired with the pink.

you can honestly dress anything down with a pair of sneakers, it’s super easy!

What do you think?

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