Six different looks with two different knitted dresses

I recently collaborated with a local Australian Islamic brand called Alaia The Label. They wanted to gift me two items to share on instagram. I had a lot of style ideas circling in my mind so I wanted to create a youtube video with the outfits as seen here.

I liked all of the outfits that I also wanted to share it over here on the blog. I hope you like it and tell me in the comment box down below which look is your favourite 🙂

Style One

The first knitted dress that ATL gifted me was this one. It’s a nude ribbed maxi dress with a cotton stretch. I thought this would be great to wear as a shirt as seen above. I wore it with my black high waist skirt from Lois Hazel. But as you can see, there is a slit right bang in the middle which means I always have to wear leggings with it. The ATL dresses worked really well as not only could I wear it as a top but it worked perfectly for extra coverage without compromising my outfit.

I thought it looked pretty cool in the end!

Style two

With the second style, I did something similar as previously but instead I wore the dress as if it was a skirt. I styled it with a oversized crop top and again with the long sleeve, it provided extra coverage for the arms. It’s amazing how a long sleeve maxi dress and can be worn in multiple ways and serves as a create coverage alternative.

Style three

For the final look featuring the nude maxi ribbed dress, I decided to wear it exactly what it was designed for and that is simply as a dress. Unfortunately the dress is actually a size too big for me so it doesn’t look flattering on me so I wore a belt with it to lift some of the material up and then this allowed me to conceal the belt. The dress is also really long on me as I’m so short (LOL) so lifting up the dress changed the length of the dress too. I wore my brand spankin’ new cropped denim jacket with it and paired it with my also brand spankin’ new Dr Martens to add a bit of a “cool” feel. This ended up being my favourite outfit of the three.

Style four

The second knitted dress was the this black mid length ribbed dress. Unfortunately it appears ATL no longer has any in stock as I can’t find it on their website.

I had the same problem with this dress, it was a size too big so it doesn’t look very flattering on me worn on it’s own. Also, because it’s a mid length dress I have to wear leggings (eye roll). So to revamp this boring dress I paired it with Idrus’ denim shirt and tied it around my waist for that effortless “cool” look and wore my white leather high tops.

I thought the look turned out pretty cool.

Style five

This one is my favourite out of the black dress style. It screams “spring/summer chic”. It’s so effortless too! I just wore a white button up top and tight it in a knot at the front. I wore a lilac hijab to add some colour, my $12 straw bag from Kmart and ta-da! Is this look parisian-ish, or is that just me?

Style six

For the last and final style, I kept it pretty basic and paired the dress with my very old (almost vintage :P) Bardot vest and to keep the casual looking going, I wore my checkered vans.

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