Saving you big bucks for a hot mess

So that escalated real quick…

Oh hey, it’s me again. It’s been a long time since I last uploaded a blog but you know, I’ve been busy being a mum to the cutest little human you ever did see. So life’s been tough and I haven’t really had the mojo nor time to sit back and write a post. But hey, if you’ve been following me on insta then you would know I’ve been active on my Youtube Channel again. It’s ok if you haven’t, but check it out and see what I’ve been up to lately.

Anyway, so Aleena is now officially one year’s old. Technically, she is now considered a toddler and not a baby but I don’t care about technicalities. She’ll always be my baby.

It’s been a wild roller coaster this past year. Idrus and I have been adapting to this new role as new parents and honestly, babies change so frequently that we are always trying to play catch up. If i had to choose what my favourite roller coaster is, it’ll definitely be “motherhood”. Hands down!

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us but the most important thing to me right now is taking in every single minute and not wishing any days away because it’s true when they say that babies grow… so… fast…! I mean, it still feels like yesterday that I just gave birth but here we are and Aleena is now one.

So now that I went all soft on you, I guess it’s time to talk about these photos. Now, I don’t like to show Aleena’s face on the internet so there isn’t many photos on here but I wanted to share the Cake Smash session that we did to celebrate Aleena turning one. Aleena hadn’t turn one just yet but I wanted the photos done and dusted so I could upload it on the day of her birthday and also I’m just super impatient and wanted to get it over and done with.

If I had it my way and we weren’t going to Bali (twice) then I could have done more, creative wise and maybe if my nephew Jihad was in town I would have way better photos but I am pretty happy with my efforts. I’m also relieved that I manage to get at least 5 good shots too. I could have also splurged more on the cake itself but it just was not necessary.

So instead I had to improvise and compromise a lot and honestly, I saved so much money doing so.

Let’s start with the cake. Initially, I was going to buy the cheap Woolworths brand sponge cake and stack two on top and try to achieve a “half-dressed cake” but in the end I thought donuts would be so cool with pink icing. I wanted to get Krispy Kreme first but it would have cost too much so I found Woolworths glazed donuts. I swear I saw a 12 pack for $3 but then all of a sudden they only had a 4 pack for $4 when I was ready to do the photo session. So that was a bust. In the end I settled to bake my own and just bought the packet baked donuts for $4. Oh wait, I don’t have a donut tray… Thank the donut heavens that there was a DIY hack to achieve baked donuts without spending additional money on the tray. Watch this tutorial. Your mind will explode.

I also got pink colouring gel to obviously make the glaze pink. I probably should have been careful as the glaze ended up being far too pink for my liking but that’s easy to fix on photoshop.

Kmart had a whole range of air balloons for less than $3.00. To my dismay they were sold out of the gold ones so I opt to getting the number “1” in silver instead. I got a cute gold cake topper that reads “Hip Hip Hooray” as well. All up it was only $5.50. I already had the light letter box at home and I made it read “Go shorty, It’s your birthday” which I think is pretty cute.

Additionally, I saved the white table cloth and tulle table tutu that we use at my baby shower so I used that to put on the floor and Clair let me keep all the cake trays as well so I used one of those to hold the donuts. I also had some fake flowers that I purchased from Spotlight for a DIY project that was a fail too, so they finally came in handy.

I dressed Aleena in whatever she already owned but I would have loved to have bought her something else. She wore a white long sleeve top (it’s cold in Australia at the moment and there is no way I’m letting her get sick again just for a photo) which has tulle frill across the top, pink leggings and a white and pink striped bow. In the end, I’m actually really happy with the results. It turned out simple but still very cute.

Check out my instagram post for more pictures from the photoshoot

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