Packing for a short getaway is never my strong suit, find out how I manage…

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Packing for a short getaway is never my strong suit, in fact packing for any holiday whether it is for a week or two weeks… I never seem to get it right. However, for the last couple of short weekends over the course of this year, I have been doing much better.

Mind you, I did pack a lot for my last short holiday trip to Melbourne in August (I can’t help myself). In my defense, most of the items in my luggage (yes, I brought a big suitcase for a four day trip) was mostly a coat, denim jacket and a leather jacket which made it seemed like I had packed a lot. I really didn’t… Well I think I didn’t anyway.

Over the past several months I have learned to pack staple pieces, pieces that you can wear more than once and mix and match with your other packed items.

You also need to put into account how many days you will be away and also if you will need evening wear in case you decide to go out for a nice dinner.

I decided to share what I had packed for my recent trip and perhaps in some way this will help you for your next trip out of town.

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I love my denim; I cannot get enough of them. For this trip I took two of my Nobody Denim jeans, one being black and the second being blue with a rip at the knee. Plus, I stole Idrus’ denim jacket as well because you know me, I love my oversized apparel these days. Think Dina Tokio and Ascia_AKF, my favs!

Jeans can be paired with absolutely everything and you can easily dress it up as well, it doesn’t have to be for a casual day out.  I wore my black denim for an interview and I wore my blue denim as casual attire for brunch.

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If you don’t have a white button up shirt then please tell me what are you doing with your life? You need to have at least one in your wardrobe, girl! A white button up can be dressed however your heart desires. See here, here and here. I brought two with me for the four day stay in Melbourne. I wore my Mr.Shirt button up on the plane and I brought my Asilio the Label long line button up to wear to the Selena Gomez concert.

Actually, I also brought my pleated white button up which can be worn as a dress too if you are a shorty like myself but I wore this as a shirt to my interview with Melbourne Fashion Institute. To change it up, I wore it with my SWF Boutique crop top which was purchased on sale from Rebel Muse. You gotta dress stylish if you are attending an interview to be accepted into a fashion school, am I right?

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Leather jackets give any outfit an instant cool. Nuff’ said! You don’t have to spend big bucks for a good faux leather jacket, I purchased mine from Zara for under $200.00 (ok, it’s not that cheap but it’s affordable).

Why should you bring a leather jacket when you are travelling? Because a leather jacket can change the look of any outfit and goes with almost everything and like I said, it makes you look uber chic.

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For winter, you gotta bring boots. I brought my knee high boots from Zara and my trusty Midori ankle length with block heel boots by Tony Bianco. Each style goes with everything and it keeps your little toes warm, both equally as comfortable too.

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You are not a fashion blogger if you don’t have yourself some comfortable pair of white sneakers. I have three but I only brought my Original Stan Smith’s because they are super comfortable and also goes with just about everything. I feel like it really gives that “normcore” feel to any outfit. I love it!

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Bringing a basic tee with you on a trip is a no brainer; I like to bring a couple of colours mostly black, white and grey. You know, the regular minimalist colours because you can easily dress them up or down. I brought black and grey as I had already packed so many white button ups. I only ended up wearing the grey long sleeve turtle neck which is currently my go to but I did pack a plain black tee just in case.



Bringing a statement blazer isn’t mandatory but I thought I would mention it anyway. On the plain I wore my plaid blazer mostly for style – it’s not necessarily “statement” but it’s still a vibrant piece and the star of the outfit so that’s why I classify it has a statement. It’s good to bring a statement blazer in case you decide to go out for dinner and you can wear it with one of your basic tees and boots. You could bring a pair of heels as well for more options but I knew I had no plans to go out anyway and my Midori boots from Tony Bianco was good enough for me because I mostly wanted to be comfortable while in Melbourne.

These are my seven staple pieces that I need to tick off the boxes when travelling, I guess as well you need to consider what you will be doing on your short trip. I knew I was only going to Melbourne for a concert and an interview, so I based my outfits on these two events. I then thought of what I would be doing on my free time and went from there. If you’re going to a city or town that have photo-worthy backdrops then that’s another thing to consider in case you want to take great outfit photos. Melbourne has beautiful architecture and hipster locations so I knew I wanted to make sure I looked photo-worthy as well 😛 – As the saying goes.. “Dress like you’re going to blog about it”

What are your staple pieces that you need to pack for when you travel?


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