Coming up with an epic blog name shouldn’t be complicated – But it can be…

If you’re anything like me then you’re probably the type of person that gets over things quite easily. So, you’ve probably scratched the idea of ever getting a tattoo because you are concerned that one day you  might wake up and realize you don’t like it anymore. Now it’s too late and your stuck with your ex’s name tattooed on your wrist or the freakish looking angel on your ankle.

I still slightly remember the day I came up with a name for my blog like it was yesterday. It was right in front of me yet I hadn’t realized until a couple of weeks later. It’s kind of like the scene in Friends when Monica scared the beejezus out of Joey when she had the turkey on her head. Ok, it wasn’t quite like that but Joey’s reaction was priceless.

I for one know the struggles of trying to find a great name for your blog especially when you are the Queen of all indecisiveness and you get bored and/or sick of things quite frequently. So, I thought I would give you some tips to ensure you come up with a great name to love and appreciate for many years to come. After a year and four months since Grace & Coy was born, I still admire my choice and have no regrets so I kinda know what I’m talking about 😛

With my blog, I knew I wanted a name that was not only sentimental but it had to portray what I wanted to achieve in the blogging industry. Sentimentality was the key importance to my decision due to the fact that I have the tendency of a four year old who gets bored of a toy easily.

I then, did a whole heap of brainstorming and started to jot down key words and/or names that fit into my vision. I went onto Google and  found some great websites that I was able to utilize to help come up with different synonyms. Once I felt like I had a selection of key words, I then started to play with the words and put them together and jotted them down as I went until I was satisfied with the options.

I did this in the course of a few days by the way so I took my time with it which is what you want to do as you are making n important decision that will be the face of your ‘business’.

So, I sat on the names for a week or so but for some reason I could not stop thinking about ‘Grace & Coy’ and that’s how I knew it would be the PERFECT  name for my blog. If you know me, you will know that I don’t make decisions lightly as I’ am pretty indecisive as previously mentioned so I knew my certainty for ‘Grace & Coy’ was a sign that it was met to be. The first person I called to tell was my best friend, Jenn…We all know, once we tell our best friend it generally  means its locked in.

I came up with this particular name for a number of reasons which you may or may not know already. ‘Grace’ was inspired by my baby sister Isabella-Grace and ‘Coy’ was inspired by my youngest cousin, McCoy but the family and I call him ‘Coy Coy’. Grace means ‘smoothness and elegance’ and ‘courteous’ while ‘Coy’ means ‘shyness and modest’. I mean, need I say more?

There you have it guys, the meaning to Grace & Coy in full detail. Grace & Coy is equally a sentimental value to me as well as being a perfect vision to how I hope to portray and achieve in not only in my fashion sense but in everything I do on social media and in my everyday life. Well I try to 😛

Now that you know ‘Grace & Coy’s’ story lets give you a run down on what you should consider doing when trying to come up with a name that you will love forever.

  1. Think about what your blog will be about and what you hope to portray as a blogger
  2. Brainstorm and jot down key words that perfectly describes what you came up with in step one
  3. Search on google for a website that runs a huge search based on the keywords you have collated and give you synonym’s to add to your current list so you have more of a variety
  4. Once you are happy with what you have, start putting the words together or looking for a singular word that catches your eyes onto a separate list. Not all blog’s have a name with two words, it can be just a singular word if that’s what you prefer.
  5. Sit on it… You don’t have to decide right there and then once you have enough potential names. Step away from the list and go on with your life and then review it again the following day. Just wait until it comes to you, its honestly the best way.

I hope in some way this post has inspired you to come up with your blog name or perhaps inspire you to revamp your blog and give it a new name if you were not happy with your current one. I am absolutely obsessed with ‘Grace & Coy’ as not only does it perfectly envision what I wish to portray as a blogger but it was hugely inspired by two of my favourite family members who I hold close to my heart as well. Having a blog name that is sentimental to you is honestly the best way to go but whatever reason, as long as you’re happy then that’s all it truly matters.



Images sourced via Pixabay, Pexels and Pinterest
Cover photo sourced via Pexels & text added by Grace & Coy

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