How I Organized My PM Agenda

Happy Saturday everyone,

The weather is getting super chilly over here in Canberra. I sure hope everyone is staying warm and healthy.

Today I thought I would give you a run down on the items that I had purchased to organize my PM Agenda.

If you have subscribed to my Youtube Channel than you would have noticed I uploaded a video on Thursday featuring “How I Organized my PM Agenda“. If you haven’t watched it yet than please do so now and give the video a friendly thumbs up!

Lets begin shall we?



First of all.. you need a planner. It doesn’t have to be a Louis Vuitton brand, it could be one you picked up from your local reject shop or one you had purchased from Kikki.K – Although, if you do prefer a Louis Vuitton that’s brilliant. I believe it’s a good investment if you will use it for a long time. I have heard that some people have turned their PM Agenda into a wallet so there is all kinds of use for it.

I purchased my little gem brand spankin’ new at a Louis Vuitton store in Sydney but you can most definitely get yourself a pre loved one instead to save some money. In saying this, do your research so you avoid getting ripped off and end up paying $200 for a total fake.


I absolutely love my PM Agenda and ever since I purchased it, I carry it with me almost everywhere. Even before I had set it up and had a pen for it. You betcha, it was right beside me! I love to use it to store my top contact details e.g. Idrus, my mum, aunty and bff – keep track of my blogging and youtube videos plus add any notes along the way and so much more. It’s a godsend and do not regret spending $400 AUD on it!

The next best thing is that if one day I decide I no longer need a planner I could always turn it into a wallet as per mentioned above. I actually already use my agenda for a wallet over the weekends to store my card and driver license.



The cute My Melody pack was inspired by the gorgeous Charmaine Dulak – You can see her set up here if you like. It was really hard to find one that I liked and that shipped to Australia but I was lucky enough to find this particular one on eBay for $30.45. The pack I am using can be found here via Amazon.

I just searched “Sanrio Planner Agenda Refills” via Amazon and eBay but bare in mind – it was super hard to find any on eBay.


On the left you will be able to see a card holder – this was purchased from Filofax for only $4.95 but unfortunately there were delivery delays so I do not recommend Filofax.


I designed the “Online Purchase’s” template myself plus other templates such as:

  • Monthly Calendar
  • Blog Tracker
  • Youtube Tracker
  • Savings Tracker
  • Notes
  • Groceries
  • Wishlist
  • Things to Buy

The reason why I designed my own was because I couldn’t find any templates that fit my needs. I looked via etsy but majority of the templates I found and liked were a bit on the pricey side and I just couldn’t justify paying for it. I than decided to design one myself that would fit my needs. Happy to send the template to anyone who is interested – Send me an email or leave a comment down below.


I purchased the “Notes” page from Kikki.K. and it also came with a reasonable amounts of Address inserts too.


The dashboards were made by myself – All I did was, find some printed paper that I liked. These ones were purchased from the Reject Shop and came in a pack. I cut them to size and gave it a “tab” for easy access and hole punched them individually.

I didn’t like that the back was plain so I cut out more printed paper and used double sided tape to stick them together.

I then went to Officeworks and had them laminated.


The pen was highly recommended by Charmaine Dulak – It is the Zebra Mini Ballpoint Pen T-5 in Gold.

The ball of the pen is quite thin to my liking but it’s a perfect size for the PM Agenda so I am happy with it nevertheless.

I hope you enjoyed this post and inspired you to become a Louis Vuitton addict like myself. It is truly a beautiful and classic piece that will last me a life time.

Until next time,


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