What every Hijabista needs in their wardrobe

I think it’s been long enough now that I can do a blog post like this and share what my Hijabi essentials are. By no means am I a total pro but I think I’ve learned a few things or two in the last couple of years to know what every Hijabi needs in their wardrobe.

I’m a huge advocate of staying modest, modern and on trend all at the same time and obviously staying true to myself as well. I for one know first-hand how hard it was to incorporate a modest wardrobe all the while staying stylish at the same time. If you knew me growing up then you would know that my style has certainly changed in the last several years. At first, I struggled to really find my style while covering up but eventually after coming across so many stylish Muslim bloggers and getting some inspiration, I think I have finally got my head around the modest fashion world.

So below are a few items that I think every Hijabi needs in their wardrobe. Most of these items are basics that you can find anywhere in-store and online.

Long/short sleeve, high neck crop tops

Crop tops are a huge life saver. I’ve listed long and short because both can serve different purposes. Long sleeve crop tops are great to wear underneath off the shoulder tops, boob tube top/dresses or blouses that have cut outs in the sleeve, you get the idea. A short sleeved crop top can be useful if you’re wearing a long sleeve top but the neckline might be a low or v-neckline top. That’s where short sleeve crop tops come in, so you don’t have that extra layer on your arms and it’s great for when it’s summer time! Thank goodness I don’t live in Darwin; I would not survive in the humidity.

Long sleeve high neck tops and/or bodysuits:

I think having a basic long sleeve high neck top will come in handy for shirts that are a little bit see-through. They can also come in handy if you’re wearing a see-through crop top. Kind of like that white bell-sleeve top I bought from Rebel Muse. Not only is it see-through, it’s also a crop top so I need a long sleeve top to wear underneath to conceal my arms and stomach. The struggle is real but the things we do to stay on trend.

Body suits serves the same purpose too and I find them to be a lot more comfortable and more fitted to avoid having any loose material.


Singles can be helpful to wear underneath your long sleeve crop tops as well, as per mentioned above. The less fabric during summer time, the better.


I feel like I don’t need to get into detail with this, it’s great to wear under any pants or skirts that may be see-through or if you have a skirt with a split.  This applies to dresses and ripped jeans as well.

High neck or turtleneck:

It’s really up to you on what you prefer and I guess depending on how you’re wearing your headscarf. I know some girls like to wear their headscarf in a turban but don’t want to show their necks so they were a turtle neck but sometimes some girls don’t mind as much, such as myself.


I think you should get as many colours as possible but the main colours I think you should have in your wardrobe are as follows: Black, white, nude, beige. This applies for leggings as well.

Ideal materials:

I touched on this in a post last summer. If it’s during winter then I don’t think it really matters. It just depends on the climate where you are, and how covered up you want to be to stay warm. But summer time, I think it’s important to be selective with your materials because it does get hot in Australia and I for one absolutely despise the heat. Anyway, the materials that I would look out for are as follows: Cotton, Linen, Rayan, Chambray and Blends

So there you have it ladies- a sneak peak in my Hijabi Essential Kit. What essentials do you swear by? Leave your answers in the comment bar below, maybe it’s something that I haven’t even thought of?


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