Australia’s own hijab fashion brand

     Two week’s ago I attended Hijab House’s blogger event in Brunswick which is just along Sydney Road; also known as the hipster suburb of Melbourne.

HH stands out among their fellow “shopping neighbours” with their elegant and monochromatic exterior at the front of the store with “Hijab House” printed in white against a black background. You are able to see through the windows where can you spot their gorgeous new arrivals right at the front – pretty smart marketing move 🙂

I am always blown away with HH’s exceptional merchandising throughout their store. Especially with the way their headscarves are beautifully placed along the wall and carefully colour co-ordinated.

I arrived just on time to the event where I was the first and only blogger/customer in-store. I was greeted by two of the girls who were on shift and we even had a bit of a banter too. I was glad that I was the only one in the store as I was able to get some shots of the beautiful items available as well as the floor. In addition, I was able to munch on some delicious strawberries all-to-my-self! Being there alone also helped calm my nerves a bit prior to everyone else arriving, as I was super nervous attending such an event solo.

If you haven’t heard of Hijab House yet then you must live under a rock as they are well known as the worlds largest hijab fashion brand that offers a range of on-trend apparel pieces for the modern stylish hijabi. Another great thing about HH is that they are always introducing new pieces into their collection so there is always something for everyone and their sizes are very generous too. Oh and did I mention that it is very affordable?

Hijab House kindly gifted me a full outfit so stay tuned for a second post where I’ll show you what I picked out at the event. I selected some great items that are versatile and can take me from day to night. I can’t wait to show them to you. I’ll be teaming up with Tarlie from TwiceTK where she’ll be taking some street style photos. Stay tuned.

If you haven’t visited the newly opened store in Melbourne, then get onto it pronto! You will not be disappointed.


604 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Monday to Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am to 4pm

Visit Hijab House via their website.

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