Brunch fanatic

I don’t know about you but I am a major sucker for brunching and experiencing different and newly opened cafes. It all started when I moved to Canberra and my love for coffee began. That’s right, I was never a coffee addict back home until I moved interstate. I can’t even remember when my love for brunching happened but it happened in Canberra as well. Maybe it was when I first went to Local Press and admired the hipster lifestyle.

Anyway, I came across a cafe via The Real Misannabell blog called Hendrik’s Cafe and I instantly fell in love. With it’s creative menu, hipster interior and picturesque shakes it just ticked all the right boxes. Unfortunately, it’s all the way in Mordialloc and it was just out of the way for me until recently moving closer to the city. So, I jumped at the chance to take my brother Dakota along for a sibling brunch date.

The modern and chic cafe is right on the corner of White street and Bradshaw street. Be sure to turn into Bradshaw street where you will find two hour parking if you’re lucky. Dakota and I went on a Thursday so we had no problem at securing a spot to park. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were plenty of seats to go around which is quite rare at hipster cafes these days.

If you think I am a coffee addict, then you haven’t met Dakota. He loves his cappuccino just as much as I do but I love that I know someone who appreciates a good coffee. I had a sneak peak at the menu prior to going to Hendriks so I already knew what I wanted to order. Dakota was pretty quick to decide as well. I ordered the Nutella French Toast with nutella stuffed brioche and sour cherries, milo crumbs and vanilla bean ice cream while Dakota decided to order something savory, The Big One served with two poached eggs, bacon, roast mushroom, tomato, crushed avocado and chorizo. We both were salivating when he cracked his poached eggs and the delicious vibrant orange yolk drizzled out. I’m salivating just thinking about it as we speak.

I wanted to order Hendriks popular milkshake which by the way, they change every fortnight (apparently). Sadly, the fortnightly milkshake was nothing that had my heart racing so I decided against it. Plus, I was already having a chocolate flavoured dish so having a milk bar milkshake would have made me sick and Dakota didn’t want to share with me either haha.

The coffee was not my cup of tea to be honest. Dakota liked it though and said it was smooth but I found it to be a little too milky for my taste buds. Best to ask for a double shot if you’re anything like me.

Even though the coffee was a miss for me, I would definitely go back to Hendriks as I would like to try something savory and order myself those damn milkshakes. I also can’t help but have my eyes on their Pulled Beef Brisket, H’s Hash and Red Velvet Pancakes too. Yum!


105 – 107 White St, Mordialloc
Monday to Sunday:
8am to 3pm

Visit Hendrik’s Cafe via their website


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